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  1. It's just competition... you're going to have to produce your games faster while still making them better than everyone else's in order to compete.  That's all there is to it.


    True Valhalla is a perfect example - just look at Aquatic.


    I had deals set in motion with over 6 publishers from the sponsor list alone for Block Puzzle.  The graphics for the game took my artist less than a day to complete.  On the flip side, some sponsors didn't even contact me about the game, but I know it was high enough quality to garner a bunch of attention.

  2. Awesome to see that you can make quite some money with HTML5 games :) I see that you're only selling non-exclusive licenses for your games. Is it a common practice to only sell non-exclusive licenses for HTML5 games??


    Oh and the games that have Leadbolt ads in them, do you also sell non-exclusive licenses for those or no? Or are those games that you publish by yourself??


    Non-exclusive licenses only because that's all that are being bought.  If I sold an exlcusive license it would have to be for near 2500-3000.  I doubt it'll ever happen.


    Leadbolt ads I don't put on games that I sell.  Only on those that I put on portals.

  3. Here are the instructions I received for implementing an API with GM: Studio.




    For your information we have "lite" version of our API. In this case you have to add http://m.sgc.io/assets/api/voyager.js script to your game. Then to ask about language you can call window.SG_getLang() and to display ads you can call window.softgames.displayBanner(). You don't have to show ad when game is loaded, we are doing this in our script file.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction here?  I just included the voyager.js file as an extension and called those particular functions but the banner ads still don't show up.  I'm getting this error in Chrome:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'displayBanner' of undefined
    I believe this means that window.softgames hasn't been set, but I'm pretty unsure.
  4. GM: S is great in my opinion.  Powerful and will let you move on to Windows/Android/iOS when you're ready for true indie game dev.  If you ever want to go there :)


    But learning HTML/JS/CSS helps with GM to extensions.


    Thanks Rich and Ahmed ..
    From that i understand that GM:S isn't just a game engine? I mean i can code using it? Gml is similar to Js right?
    I guess i am going to use GM:S to make games ...
    About codeacademy.com i am already learning HTML/CSS from there so i think this is a good start :)
    Thanks for the help ..

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