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  1. http://game.towerstorm.com/#/game/lobby/gs-0.2.0-2/J7cl Click that link I'll be sitting here for half an hour waiting for someone to join to test this out
  2. No its a free to play. So I give them the game for free and puts my ads on it
  3. Wow, nice game! So polished. It makes me feel incompetent though haha I die a lot.
  4. Yep, $100. It's not hard to make that much though, apparently. Web Hosting is way more than paid for via leadbolt.
  5. Hey guys, updated with my Leadbolt revenue over the past 2 weeks. http://vetranomobile.com/my-leadbolt-ecpm-and-revenue-html5-mobile/ Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to answer them! Please note the Bluehost and Leadbolt are referral links. If you're not okay with that, don't use them
  6. Although I have done some searching separately from this forum, I use entirely the sponsors I found on this site
  7. Payza seems to have direct payment. Moneybookers (Skrill) does not.
  8. I would love elaboration on this. I called skrill and they said direct payment is not possible, I would need a website for people to checkout at to receive payment.
  9. Thanks! I will have a MUCH more detailed leadbolt post up by the end of the month.
  10. Hey guys, Testing my game Block Puzzle and it turns out it runs quite slowly on the Galaxy Note 10.1 vs. my S3 and even my Droid X. It also runs perfectly fine on the iPad 2, iPad 4 and iPhone 4s. Any ideas why this might be? If you guys can test the game out that would be really great too! The link is below. http://vetranomobile.com/HTML5Games/BlockPuzzle/index.html
  11. I've done 960x640 and the performance is still fine. But the games are not large and do not do anything very intensive.
  12. Is expert level knowledge of HTML5 an absolute must or can someone with skill with an IDE like GM:S apply for this position? This info would probably help a lot of people out
  13. She's actually just a friend of mine, she lives right down the road. Makes working with her quite easy! And thank you, Dungeon Delve was my first game completed and I really enjoy it! It doesn't get much attention from sponsors though If you'd like to contact her, send an email to: Dmg1623 (at) gmail.com She has very good rates and is very quick about getting art done.
  14. I'm friends with The Swain from Newgrounds and it's very tough to make money on there. He can still monetize it because he's one of the most well-known creators on the website, but otherwise... it's quite difficult.
  15. Solidus


    Glad to have you Sam!
  16. I can recommend the artist that I work with. Click my banner in my signature, all the graphics in each game are done by her. Block Puzzle is probably our best looking game. Better quality games with higher quality graphics will be posted soon (also done by her).
  17. None of those and I've never used them either!
  18. The animals go in front of the bush, but there bear is behind it. Something really small but still
  19. I've only been on leadbolt for 3 days. The stats simply aren't worth mentioning at the moment, but I will include the total revenue in this month's income report along with a more detailed article with my ecpm, etc.
  20. No worries, I will be. Last month was my first month in business. I brought in $1900 from strictly non-exclusive licenses and that's the only number I have on there. That is from 4 games. CPM for Leadbolt?
  21. I hope the 3D aspects can actually be used for mobile... but I'm pretty sure the hold-up is more on the mobile browser's side of things than on GM:S's capabilities.
  22. Hey Guys, I've decided to start following True Valhalla's suit and posting up my income reports to a site. Let me know what information you would really like to see in these reports. So far I only have one month. I'm not currently monetizing the site so I hope this isn't viewed as some form of shilling http://vetranomobile.com/ I will have a lot more information (pitfalls, successes, etc.) for this month of August. August 26th, 2013 Update: Hey guys, updated with my Leadbolt revenue over the past 2 weeks. http://vetranomobile...e-html5-mobile/ Let me know if you have any qu
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