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  1. I can't use paypal so 90% of my work is dealing with Wire Transfers and trying to find paypal alternatives that accept paypal payments.
  2. Having a mobile vs desktop vs BOTH option would be really nice. TV has a point there for sure.
  3. I have poor performance with firefox on my S3. Good performance with Chrome. Best performance with Stock Browser. WHY is everyone's experience so different with the same phones/browsers...
  4. Do you guys believe that games that require multi-touch capabilities will not sell as well as games of equal quality that are just single touch? I know some devices don't have multi-touch, but come on, it's 2013. Even the ipod touch 3rd gen had multi touch back in 2009. Is it that Mobile browsers don't take well to it?
  5. This allows you to prototype games... or develop them?
  6. Please check out my mobile games portfolio: http://vetranomobile.com/html5-games-portfolio/ I would love to hear feedback regardless of if you decide to license with me or not. Thanks!
  7. Sorry not answering your emails, I have been quite busy! I will test the game in a few moments... If you want to get the message to pop up during gameplay, it is really easy. Check the browser_width vs. browser_height to see if it is portrait or landscape (higher width is landscape, etc.). Do this in an alarm that keeps repeating or a step event in a PERSISTENT object. If the orientation is not what you want it to be, create an object that deactivates all other objects. Have THIS object check if the orientation is back to the way you want it to be. If it is, reactivate all objects and
  8. there is a lot to be learned from this game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeATR1OZuoo Just increasing the pace of everything can make a game more fun. Even if you simply increased the speed of the shots by 10x and reduced the damage they do by 10x, there is a lot more feeling to controlling a ship that is blasting tons of rounds instead of slowly firing one powerful one.
  9. If anyone needs help with this, please PM me.
  10. Firefox sometimes crashes my game when I try to center the window. It never happens on other browsers.
  11. If you can get in contact with someone important enough, maybe you can prove to them why you can produce games for them that have better graphics, better gameplay, shorter development cycles and for less money... Then you could have a shot of working with them
  12. iPhone screen is smaller and therefore lower resolution graphics may just look better
  13. I have some games that I've made at 640x960 and they do run slower, but DANG they can look pretty good scaled up I agree it's totally dependent on the game. Thank you all for the feedback.
  14. Hi guys, I'm starting to ensure that all my games maintain their original aspect ratio no matter what device they are played with. However, I am wondering if you all think a 480x320 game should be scaled up to fit tablets devices, or if it should be kept smaller. Oftentimes the lower resolution graphics can look pathetic on larger screens. What does everyone else do? Keep the game smaller and nicer... or increase the size to fit the screen?
  15. I almost always send the files and receive the payment the same day.
  16. It is actually a quite advanced topic. Walking up/down slopes and the "pixel perfect" collision I see in this engine are probably going to be over the head of a novice programmer. That's just my opinion, I'd love to hear differing thoughts though.
  17. Vertexes would actually be vertices, just for future reference AAG your improvements are astounding, keep up the good work!
  18. Just some stuff to bring to your attention: Clicking Next after failing a level still allows me to go to the next level. The Gold, Silver, Bronze appear to have the incorrect values (Gold:3, Silver:0, Bronze:1)
  19. I apologize I have the non desktop versions up, one minute and I can change those.totally forgot! Edit: Fixed so they work with desktops. I can't imagine they would run too slow, I can run these all quite fast on an iPhone 4s (dual core processor, 512mb of ram, pretty weak device). Screenshots I'll get up in a few.
  20. Just wanted to post these up. Some small games, opinions would be nice, thanks! Honey Hunt Resolution: 480:320 Summary: In a classic jumping game, you control a bear jumping upward in search of honey. See how high you can go! But beware of the Bees that will hurt you! Link: Honey Hunt Screenshot: Safari Rescue Resolution: 960:640 Summary: Your safari friends are in trouble! Control the Safari Man and catch them as they fall. Achieve a high enough score and unlock another mode of play! Link: Safari Rescue Screenshot: Cookie Catch Resolution: 960:640 Summary: A simple but addictive ga
  21. Froze after it said "Hulll Critical Surrender Iminent". Really cool idea though! Reminds me of that NES game Ramparts (if that's the name, it had castles/ships... etc...)
  22. It's tough to have a bunch of assets that have the same style unless they are custom made for your game.
  23. How long did it take to port? Looks great!
  24. Graphics are ridiculously important. Before a player knows anything about a game, they see the icon/screenshot of it. If that does not draw them in to play it, it won't earn a publisher any revenue. And the more professional a game looks, even a remake of match 3, solitaire or bejeweled, the more likely it will be accepted by publishers VS a game with amazing and unique gameplay. Of course, a combo of great gameplay and great graphics would be best... but again it's a business so you can't sink 2 months of work into something that may only yield 2-3k.
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