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  1. I would be willing to help. Let me know whatever I can do.
  2. Hmmm... quite interesting. I was wondering why my games ran so terribly on this phone, but my friend has a phone 2-3 years older and games run fine!!! Firefox: Works Great! Chrome: Won't even load. Stock Browser: Works Great!
  3. My Samsung Galaxy SIII doesnt run even the least intensive HTML5 games with Chrome. Firefox works a bit better but even simple games are a bit slow.
  4. Is the dropbox public folder a safe way to show games to publishers? Can they download the games from the public folder and simply host the games themselves without permission?
  5. Inkscape + making my games in 960x640 so they look great on devices of all sizes vector art makes that easy
  6. Hey guys. I just wanted to post saying a friend of mine is willing to do some vector and possibly pixel artwork. It's not expensive, or could possibly be rev-share based payment. She does really great work and I've been working with her to put together a few games. Let me know if you want some samples of her work. We're going to be putting a website together with small packages for games.
  7. What would you consider a 500 dollar game, and what would you consider a 1000 dollar game? If you have an example or two of each, that would be great. If it's too general a question, I understand and can elaborate if you desire.
  8. HTML 5 just doesn't do so hot with sounds on mobile browsers.
  9. Very awesome game. The title of the tab at least says it is by Ezelia. They obviously didn't know to change that.
  10. If we use paypal or another online merchant account, we can send emails requesting for money. Does this count as an invoice as publishers require?
  11. Very nice my friend! So clean looking!
  12. I have a friend who is great with vector art if anyone is interested. Send me a PM if you are.
  13. I think I know what you mean, but perhaps the sentence was written imprecisely in English. By "good" I essentially mean "matches the play and style of the game". So I absolutely agree with you, if I interpreted that correctly.
  14. Dungeon Dive is still open, eh? haha
  15. You think I could just fake it? The API is basically just a logo somewhere in the game that people can click on to bring them to the games website. I could easily just implement a logo in the game that is always in the bottom right corner and when clicked goes to the URL.
  16. I was just about to reply with a link to this: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=520070 Thanks for the reply Austin, much appreciated brother. Guess I'll get on this.
  17. Just received a reply from a publisher and they want to know if I can implement their API. I actually have no idea and multiple searches through the GM Community hasn't turned up much. I opened up index.html (and just found why my games display "Made with Game Maker") but after placing the API code in various places, nothing happens. I'll keep searching, thanks if you have information to provide.
  18. I believe well selling a product, what it looks like is way more important than how it works It's pretty universal, but I agree, as ethical developers it's our job to not hide simple gameplay behind amazing graphics
  19. Indeed it could, but I wanted it to be relatively basic. It does randomly generate some puzzle rooms and other rooms than just the monsters, but the monsters are primary.
  20. Dungeon Delve - 180 Levels of Random Dungeony Goodness. Let me know what you think. I don't think any sponsors will bother with it, but I did it more to freshen up my programming than anything else. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/181282225/index.html
  21. I agree... I've decided to take a new stance on my game making enterprises.
  22. Has anyone here noticed such a huge gap with some games in terms of graphics vs. gameplay? I see games with amazing title screen graphics and great graphics in game as well. And yet... the gameplay is ridiculously rudimentary and could not possibly hold someone's attention.
  23. One more question... did you make the art yourself or find/hire an artist?
  24. Very nice. Have you contacted publishers with it?
  25. Not html 5 related! Won't post up on the showcase Thanks for the quick response!
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