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  1. Recently I have upgraded the pixi version of my project to 6.0.2. The first thing I noticed is that I can no longer get the event name hint by typing XXX.addListener() on DisplayObject. With pixi v5, I can get the hint of what kind of event I got there. Second, what is the proper way to listen for the 'rightclick' event on DisplayObject in pixi v6? I can't find enough resources about this on Internet. Any help is highly appreciated!
  2. The stage property on the app we create is the root container of everything that we want to render with PIXI. From what I see in the console, the root container doesn't have its own parent. The default pivot and position for it are both (0, 0), which is the top-left corner of the container. By default, the children are added at (0, 0), which is now the top-left corner of the root container. I want them to be added at the geometric center of the container so naturally I did stage.pivot.set(renderer.width / 2, renderer.height / 2). However, this doesn't work. Instead, stage.pivot.set(-rende
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