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  1. Im messing around with Classes, Inheritance, and some other stuff but to keep it "simple" I'll just say ES6 Classes On one page, I create an instance of a class class MyClass { constructor(name = "", value = ""){ this.name = name; this.value = value; } } const foo = new MyClass("Tom", "123"); There is a lot of other stuff going on, so in order to visually organize the data for the user (there is a LOT), I use a separate page to modify one aspect of the data that they can change. The sub page then uses postMessage to send an instance of the class that is created on the
  2. Can we see a bit more of your code? What is there doesnt really give us a clear explanation as to why your property is coming back undefined. I am curious however if you log any of your objects, what your Dev Tools show...
  3. I've been playing around with the Web Audio API to create sound effects, background music and sound for games. I can adjust playbackRate to adjust the pitch of audio by disabling Preserves Pitch property (true by default) as an HTML5 Audio Object. var bgm = new Audio(); bgm.source = "somefile.php?bgmId=1"; bgm.mozPreservesPitch = false; bgm.webkitPreservesPitch = false; Trouble is that is HTML5 not the Web Audio API. So I needed to throw in some Web Audio API components. First thing I thought I would try was the Spectrum Analyzer. That wasnt difficult. It draws to a Canvas, sho
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