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  1. Okay, I found the answer. Browsed around the repo, so glad this is in TS. Updated my call to `lineStyle`: graphics.lineStyle(1, color, 1, 0.5, true); Thanks for the help! Also, I see that I linked to the wrong version of the docs, I neglected to check that when I followed a search result link.
  2. I'm having trouble understanding the docs: https://pixijs.download/v4.8.1/docs/PIXI.Graphics.html#nativeLines Where do I set this value? I'm on v6. I tried setting it this way, const graphics = new PIXI.Graphics({ nativeLines: true }); ...but I get all variety of errors, this being one of them. I get others if I comment out every line where I call any method on the graphics instance, and I still get errors. this._geometry.drawShape is not a function at Graphics.drawShape (graphics.js:2805) at Graphics.startPoly (graphics.js:2473) at Graphics.beginTextureFill (graphi
  3. If I have a collection of shapes (rectangles in this case), how can I scale my entire scene without the border widths changing? I'm trying to create a zoom feature and my scene is essentially a collection of wireframe polygons.
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