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    html5 games !
  1. The software is called licecap, you can find it here http://www.cockos.com/licecap/.
  2. Thank you @icp for answers. I have to ask if you were playing using mouse or touch input? If you were playing with mouse, then the breaking 'awesome' score is really hard, on the other hand if you were playing on touch device, then your last score is showing that something went bad. Either I failed to show how to play this game, or you didn't found playing enjoyable enough to figure out the technic for getting higher scores. Anyway, I think i will add one more lvl between 0 and 1, with 2 squares to manage. Once again thanks @icp
  3. Shapes Love Numbers a js13k entry PLAY Hello, I would like to share with you a game I made for js13k compo. Game is almost done, so I would love to gather some feedback before I will submit it. Here are some topics that I would love to hear about: Did you find tutorial useful and not annoying? Did learning other game rules (not included in tutorial) through gameplay was okay? Is game fair? And of course if you score above 'awesome', post it here or on twitter (@kmisiowi), so maybe I will adjust new score range for level. Hope you enjoy it. PS Vote button doesn't do anyt
  4. This is awesome rezoner. First music composer that i understood. I would like to continue my journey into music creation with this tool. Can you suggest me any resources/tutorials that could help me start with creating that kind of music ?
  5. Really good learning curve. Hope you get some bucks out of it !
  6. I strongly agree about, that the game doesn't give much feedback, and I really feel bad about it. But it is because I didn't have much time to work on, rather than memory problems. Thx for your feedback.
  7. Well done rezoner, well done ! How long did you were sleeping within those 48 hours ?
  8. Here is my entry The awesome escape from lava lord that don't like kitties
  9. Thank you for your review Dream Of Sleeping. I must say that if I could vote for the winning game it will be yours. Really enjoyed playing it. As you said that in my game mouse doesn't respond very well, it is mostly because i have some bottlenecks in code. It runs quiet good on chrome and really bad on firefox . I think this jam has really good theme. Congratulation for everyone for making such nice games !
  10. Here is mine entry for this jam. I didn't have an idea to name this game, so I just called it MAZE PLAY BUTTON To restart the map you can press 'R'.
  11. Hi guys, here is my entry for the jam: http://home.elka.pw.edu.pl/~kmisiowi/ocean/ Game is unfinished but i want to show it anyway. Maybe someone will smile at least . This was my first jam and i really got not much time to work on game. So the result are what they are . Some lessons learned, can't wait for another jam.
  12. If the game controls would follow screen orientation i think this game would be just 'another remake' . I considered a kind of arrows or something to show player what are current directions, but I give up idea due to keep game simple and make players get surprised after orientation change. Anyway i agree with you Rezoner that orientation change is artificial difficulty, but it makes my game other than another thousand remakes.
  13. Hi Ivan. Your library looks pretty good. But i have one question. Is graphics module using webgl for render or it is draw on the 2d canvas ?
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