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  1. Check documets for loader but it go somthing like this create a var that holds the loader. add you assets to the loader. hook the loader on event and set the boolean to true -> this.loader.onComplete.add(() => { this.assetsLoaded = true; console.log("Assets Loader State:" + this.assetsLoaded); }) and in you render function do while (this.assetsLoaded = false) return;
  2. Thanks that fixed it. Now i use the arrow function to assign it to the local methode. // = () : void => What is the other option you describe. Pretty new to javascript and pixi. I'm primarly a .Net Developer gitting into typescript,but javascript is pain in the ass ;0 Thanks to provide a fix tho!
  3. Think you have a cache related issue. Write some debugger handlers i guess and check the browser debugger like Exca said. Else i have no clue, pretty new the scene You use Pixi.Loader ?
  4. Hello. Do you mean panning and zooming the canvas? If so: here is a example: http://embed.plnkr.co/II6lgj511fsQ7l0QCoRi/
  5. Hello, I got allot further in my goal to make a ribbon like menubar. But for some reason i had a error saying Sprite.On do not exist, so i had to edit the tsconfig file and add the line: "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true, to the compiler options so after adding that i was able to use that methode. But here comes the problem: When i hit the Sprite Button -> it go's to the required function and print's in the console the message i provided, But when i want to acces the container from the UIMananger within the onButtonCli
  6. Thanks, I Solved it thanks to your tip I'm looking to create a ribbon menu for my cad program. Im looking into hitarea but having a strange problem where the sprite.on do's not exist. but will create a new topic.
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm primarly a .Net Developer(c# backend), and not so long ago i started a new project. I choise as rendering engine technology pixijs v6.0 (latest version) I'm quite new to pixijs and typescript and stubled upon a stange error. This error is that a sprite/texture not gets loaded/displayed to the screen.. Why this occuers i have no clue... If i create a simple unstructed project i can load textures fine,but in my structerd program nothing gets displated.. If i add a text object for example i have no issues... nor with drawing rectangles. I Really really
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