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  1. Hello @Exca Thank your for your answer, can you explain the clamp method in more detail, especially what these function call in it should do?
  2. Hey, Thanks for your answer. Thats pretty much what I got so far. But I want to restrict the user from moving the outer yellow rectangle outside of my view (see the screenshot for a better understanding).
  3. Hello, I have a Canvas that is as large as the browser window (I want to support from 1080p to 4k). Currently I can move my container, which is most of the time larger than the canvas, I can move it around everywhere -> also out of the canvas vision. I want to restrict the container to only move out of the desired corner like about 30px. Please see the figures for a better understanding. I managed to get something like this with checking the current position of the container after very drag and drop and in this event to set the position of it to an allowed setting. But my soluti
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