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    I've been able to render SVGs the same way as I would render a PNG. Imported SVGs as a game image resource, and used it like I normally would.
  2. I can change the antialias property later?
  3. I'm following the melonJS guides on space invaders and platformer. Tried to add a HUD component with score on it. Obtained the font files from their github: https://github.com/melonjs/tutorial-platformer/tree/28425a946836e21e58e8fbc443f380b990e7f527/tutorial_step6/data/fnt The text does show up, but it appears white, and I can't change the color on it. This is what I've tried: // 1 this.font = new me.BitmapText(0, 0, { font: "PressStart2P", fillStyle: "#000000", textAlign: "right", textBaseline: "bottom", }); // 2 this.font.tint.setColor(255, 128, 128); // 3
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