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  1. Solved! I updated Phaser from version 2.9.2 to version 2.18.0, and now I have sounds on all platforms and devices :)
  2. Hi, My games used to fit fine on all browsers, but lately I noticed that when I open it on an iPad with chrome, part of the game is cut off. My games are in landscape mode, when I turn the screen to portrait and back again to landscape it fixes it, but I prefer not to bother my users... Thanks for any ideas!
  3. Hey Rich thanks for the reply, I checked again and my game is using mp3 assets from the server which are also being used by other games I run. With most other games there are no problems and the audio is working just fine on safari. There are just couple of games where I can't get the sound to work, even though it's the same assets, and the same basic code to play the audio... The audio in these two games works on chrome and Firefox, and only fails on safari, with no error or warning message... Any ideas?...
  4. Hi, I am using Phaser 2.9.2, The sound in my game works fine on all platforms and all browsers but safari... I tried to debug using "Inspect" program that lets you open a console for safari on windows - there are no sound-related alerts or errors in the console. I am using mp3 files, 128kb, which suppose to run just fine on all modern browsers... I'll be very thankful for any ideas...
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