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  1. Okay thank you, then I'm going after 2d first again!! Thanks for your fast replies really helping out!
  2. No no, it's not a code to fix, it's the point of where i don't really know how to progress further. I have my canvas, and i have my pixi texture. I now want to load my pixi texture into the canvas that I've created before. In the canvas, i then want to manipulate, as you said, the texture pixel by pixel and afterwards load it back into my pixi texture.
  3. I've created a canvas with given 2d context now and I don't know if I've gotten the texture correctly from my object. chests[c]is an array and the object from whom i want to get the texture is at position c. <canvas id="block" width="32" height="32"></canvas> let canvas = document.getElementById('block'); let ctx = canvas.getContext('2d'); texture = PIXI.Texture.fromBuffer(chests[c], 32, 32); but I'm somehow stuck. I can't find a way, to load this texture into my canvas, and manipulate the canvas and load it back into the texture at position c. I don't know if I'm to stupi
  4. I wasn't quite sure if this would work for Sprites since I'm somewhat new to the whole javascript and html and pixi stuff but thank you ! I guess this will work for my particular case
  5. Hi everyone! I have made a game which uses PIXI.Sprites for different textures like chests etc. I now have the task, that when i shoot theses textures, they have to get fragmented by voronoi fracture. The simple steps of voronoi are clear to me, but i was wondering, if it is possible, to load the PIXI.Sprite directly into some sort of bitmap so i can interact pixel by pixel and make them transparent etc. Or would it be faster to create an 2d Array, since it's only 32x32 pixels, and create a new image overlay from this one? Thanks for help and answers in advanc
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