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  1. It's nice .. and quite addictive I guess
  2. Hi, I have already started a thread about my game "The Sky of Verdun" a while ago, but since then I didn't have much time to work on it - until a few weeks ago. It's (still) a simple dogfight and bombing game, red planes vs. blue planes, both sides have monoplanes, biplanes and triplanes. The while package can be downloaded at , this package includes the server (node.js, Windows executable included), the webclient (similar to that on facebook), and a Windows binary client (with support for the Oculus Rift). The public version can be found here: . At the moment the public version is in public beta state, i.e. a game starts as soon as a single player connects to the server (later: at least 2 players), and a battle takes 6 minutes (later: 15 minutes). I am looking for people testing the game and filling my database with some score values for the hiscore table . If you are not familiar with controlling virtual airplanes I recommend you try the offline trainer first: . Although this trainer is a bit outdated it still gives a good feeling for the game. Here are some screenshots of the facebook app: Thanks in advance for the feedback .
  3. The public server needs at least 2 players for the game to start. Where are you from? The server is located in Germany, and as it's a realtime game the ping should not be too high. Btw: I removed the chat from the lounge because there was only spam there. But I am planning to add an "invite player" feature to the lounge where you can invite players that are online to a battle.
  4. Forgot to mention: your browser need WebGL and Websocket support to play. And there is a trainer available:
  5. Hi, I have now rented a public server for my game "The Sky of Verdun". It's a web-based 3d multiplayer dogfight game. Really simple, nothing special. The chat and client can be found unter Just pick a name and you can connect to the chat room. You can find a list of public servers on the left side. My server is running from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. CE(S)T. As soon as I find some time to release the next version everyone will be able to host a public server. At the moment 2 players are required for the battle to start. Here are some screenshots: The controls: Cursor: pitch and roll A/D: yaw W/S: engine power Space: fire C: camera mode H: horizon camera
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    It surely is a hard game. I just re-discovered it, and it just was a little "proof-of-concept" for me back then. Maybe I'll write a new version with even better graphics when I'm done with my current project.
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    Sorry .. didn't have any screenshots, made some now.
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    "Gravity" is little game I wrote some time ago, just to test HTML5 / Canvas / Box2d. You can find it on . It's a game like the old C-64 "thrust", you control a spacecraft through some caves and search for spheres that seem to be of some use, activate your tractor beam and place them near your starting point.
  9. Hi there, I had an advanced training on HTML5 a few weeks ago which inspired me to do a browser based game: Sky of Verdun 3d ( It is a multiplayer 3d dogfight game where blue planes fight agains red planes. Both client and server are written in JavaScript. Communication is done with websockets, and this works well at least in a local network. The game is known to be running on Firefox and Chrome (Windows 7 and Fedora Linux), although it only runs on Chrome if you have the client on a webserver. The game uses: - to run the JavaScript server - for 3d graphics in the browser - for physics When a battle is started you can choose from 3 different planes: Triplane, good agility, bad speed Biplane, both speed and agility are OK Monoplane, bad agility, good speed There is a training version online to see how the planes fly, but apart from some bunkers and hospitals there is nothing to destroy in the trainer. The controls: Cursor: pitch and roll A/D: yaw W/S: engine power Space: fire C: camera mode H: horizon camera If I find some time (and motivation ) I might as well code a native client. But at the moment I hope some of you have fun with this version and post a lot of comments Btw: it would be cool if someone is able to record a video