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  1. Hi, I am working on an HTML5 game and I use Arcade physics as physics system for the game. I am trying to implement a pause button functionality and ran into a problem of choosing which methods to use from the below mentioned methods. They all seem to be similar in functionality and the docs do not contain much further explanations. Can someone please elaborate a little on the functionalities of these methods and mention the difference between them? physics.pause(), physics.resume() scene.launch(), scene.start() scene.pause(), scene.resume(); scene.switch() phys
  2. I solved this problem. The issue is actually related to variable declaration. So I moved all the variable declarations in to the constructor and that fixed the problem. I don't know whether that is a common practice or not anyway.
  3. Hi, I am working on my first 2D game with phaser 3. I have set up vscode with node https server and running it to deploy the game on localhost. While the game gets compiled successfully and deployed I get a run time error when executing the collider and overlap function. For the time being I have a title screen with "welcome to my game" text and it is clickable. One you click that you are navigating to play scene. When naigating to play scene I am getting the error displayed in the following scrren shot. I suspect that this is caused by 'this' keyword and the scope of it. But I have no id
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