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  1. Ahh, that's the key I was missing -- I had tried using filter pixel coords, but I was using them for everything including the vTextureCoord. Using them to just tell where the filter should start and stop is the correct thing to do. Also thanks for the example! I'd been looking for something similar, but Google didn't surface this page well enough. i like the implementation here better than what I have too. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. I've been working on this off an on the past week and still haven't gotten anywhere. Any tips would be super appreciated!
  3. Hi all, I'm pretty new to shaders, so this question may be a complete lack of understanding and if so, feel free to let me know. I'm trying to use a shader to pixelate a part of a specific image by passing in a normalized x/y coordinate, height, and width and using a conditional in the shader to determine whether or not to pixelate. This isn't the ideal solution as conditionals in shaders aren't great, but I wanted a really simple demo. The problem I'm having now is the normalized coordinates I'm passing in aren't relative to the sprite, but seem tied to the window size (world space?
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