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  1. @ivan.popelyshev I was able to set the TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, and tried all of the different algorithms, but none of them give me the same quality as the resolution: 2 renderer, (I know the parameter was working, since I was seeing my image change with each algorithm). When you advice me to change that setting, was in the baseTexture of the image right? Or were you talking about the RenderTexture I'm creating? I get what the setting is changing from the Mozilla Docs, but I don't really understand how that it's going to make the RendererTexture less blurry (it keeps being generated with double siz
  2. Hello! I'm trying to down-size multiple images (like THIS ONE) in PIXI.js without losing quality, same as browsers do when resizing images. I found that setting the resolution of the renderer to the device pixel ratio, increases the quality a lot, since my window.devicePixelRatio = 2 I'm doing const renderer2 = new PIXI.Renderer({ width: WIDTH, height: HEIGHT, resolution: 2, autoDensity: true, antialias: true, }); And the image looks really better, but I found out that GPU memory increases a lot (using chrome task manager to review that), because now my canvas have
  3. Mostly for sprites, I think I can use grapchis-smooth for Graphics, and scale font size for text
  4. Do you have any suggestions for improving the quality of the stuff? My computer have devicePixelRatio = 2, and here are some screenshots of the huge difference resolution: 2 and autoResize: true resolution: 1 It's quality the way to go? Or there's a potentially better solution (btw, what you see in the screen are just PNG's images loaded in PIXI.Sprite's, the green button is PIXI.Graphic, and the text of the button PIXI.Text)
  5. Hello! I've googling a lot and I can't seem to find if there's any performance implication on new Application({ resolution: 1}) vs new Application({ resolution: 2, autoResize: true}) I'm solving an issue related to image, text, graphics, etc crispness, and after adding pixelDeviceRatio as argument for resolution, everything looks just beautiful, but the app just feel more... slow
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