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  1. looks good, loved playing MUD's back in the day! Keep up the good work!
  2. Just wanted to give an update since it has been a while. I've been working on more of the core functionality, collisions to be more precise. This past week has been about collisions, components and client code cleanup. Here's a list of the components that have been added this week. Components * keyboard (used for player movement) * mouse (used for hover actions and clicking on objects) * collision (collision checking per tile, entity or object) * stats (this hold all the entities stats, HP, MP, attributes, etc...) More will be added as time goes on and I keep cleaning the cod
  3. my attempt at cloud shadows.... more like fog now. Still need to fix it so it doesn't follow the player. lol
  4. Hi, do you mean the flickering effect?
  5. latest update, we are still progressing.
  6. You can see the lighting effect in game now. Really appreciate the help you have given me!
  7. Just wanted to say thanks again for the help. I updated the demo and I must say it's much better than before. https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/z0K8eqYopE_Nwq9c21vvX
  8. Thanks Jammy, I will play some more with the layers and use a white light to punch through the LUT as you mentioned and add color via another. Glad to have some new paths to follow, was getting stuck and was running out of ideas.
  9. Ah yes! I had a sneaky suspicion it was related to that! I had started down that path a few days ago and just decided to ask here before going to far. Thanks for the information.
  10. Yes of course, I have 2 that I overlap. Here they are. The solid orange one is above the darker one.
  11. Hello once again, I have another issue that I'm trying to resolve relating to lights. I'm using LUT's for the day and night cycle which work perfectly. I'm trying to add lights on a different layer/group and mix with a shader. This seems to work fine as well, when I cycle to the day time the light dims and disappears but the sprite light in the left window of the house that just doesn't seem to be bright enough at night. I suspect it's the way I mix the colors with the shader but I may be completely off. Ideas? I made a demo for your troubleshooting convenience. https://www.pixiplayg
  12. Thanks again for all your help. Here's a screenshot with and without normals.
  13. Thanks @ivan.popelyshev for your help, I opted to not use normals since I think it will be a lot more overhead to convert every tileset to normals for a 2D tiled map environment and then have double the sprites on the screen. Or maybe this is the way to go? I am indeed looking for attenuation and be able to resize lights and add flickering. I am open to do something custom but it will be a long steep learning curve.
  14. Ok after some trial and error, I think I found it. With my limited knowledge and still new to shaders. const computeDiffuse = `// normalize vectors vec3 N = normalize(normalColor.xyz * 2.0 - 1.0); vec3 L = normalize(lightVector); // pre-multiply light color with intensity // then perform "N dot L" to determine our diffuse vec3 diffuse = uColor.rgb * uBrightness * max(dot(N, L), 1.0); // change 0.0 to 1.0 `; I changed the diffuse 0.0 value to 1.0 and it centered the light. Let me know if this makes sense. Also the little issue @jonforum that light.radius and lightHeight don't get
  15. I've played around with the debug settings @jonforum provided in the test playground, and the light seems to still be off and not spherical. It may just be me and not seeing it properly. I will dig in the lib code and see what I can find.
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