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  1. Thanks for the explanation, after understanding that flush is setting the bufferSize to 0, I got the idea. I was looking at the wrong problem. The bufferSize doesn't get set to 0, because there was an error before it does that. The error occurs, because for some reason PIXI.Texture.from returned and incorrect object (due to some version missmathces). It must have been an issue with versions. There are 2 repositories in the same project and originally I just npm installed the default one (which is 6.0.4 I believe). For some reason it gave me issues and figured there might be issues with i
  2. Hello, It's been a long while since I touched pixi.js and trying to update it from 4 to 5. For some reason I stumble upon a situation where the AbstractBatchRenderer has undefined _bufferedTextures. So what seems to happen is that I call the renderer in one place once and it renderd 7 textures. Then later on I call it in another place and since the buildTexturesAndDrawCalls sets the _bufferedTextures to false it still holds those values. So it looks like this on the first run: [ object x 7 ] and after the run [null x 7] after the render-call. Then it gets called another time and it s
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