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  1. Hi Guys Thanks so much for getting back to me on this. Greatly appreciated. My apologies, I hadn't realised that I didn't mention that I'm using the pixi-viewport plugin. So zooming is with the mouse wheel. I've done a screencast to show a bit more of what the issue is. Hopefully this is a little clearer, but please just let me know if not. Thanks again so much!
  2. pixi.js version v5.3.10 I'm new to PIXI so please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious. I've googled, but couldn't make sense of anything I found and some posts were from 2017 so wasn't sure whether to trust them as current. I'm writing and Angular app which has a workspace a bit like miro. The user can drag cards around and zoom in and out. Problem: When zooming in the images and text on the cards degrades in quality. I assume this is because it's zooming in on the existing resolution and not updating the resolution as it zooms in. I'm using PIXI.Texture to fill
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