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  1. We are creating a game where you can do different activities with a dog and then it animates. For example, if you pet your dog then it animates a happy face. The animations are created in spine and rendered using pixi. But we want all of the dogs to be unique, so different body parts are different colors. For example, some dogs have blue eyes and others have brown. Is it possible to create one dog make up of slots and skins, with animations - export the .json, .atlas, and .png files, and then change the colors of the body parts in pixi to generate a lot of different looking dogs?
  2. I don't know how to add them to the json. My animator exports out of spine three files: .png, .atlas, and .json. But I don't know what ties the three together.
  3. The documentation wasn't clear exactly how to use those. See attached. They come from the repo https://github.com/pixijs/examples/tree/main/examples/assets/pixi-spine spineboy.atlas
  4. Here's a really simple react app that tries to use the pixi libraries to display the spineboy animation. The attached app was created using: npx create-react-app pixi-app When you npm install, npm start the app, it gets this error: Error: The spineData param is required. A simple react app like this would be a great addition to the pixi docs. thanks! pixi-app.zip
  5. I removed all pixi from package-lock.json. I was told to never delete package-lock.json. I updated the libraries to the latest: "resource-loader": "^3.0.1", "pixi-spine": "^3.0.8", "pixi.js": "^6.1.2" but still get --> Error: The spineData param is required. and get the error if I include window.PIXI = PIXI; or not.
  6. IS window.PIXI = PIXI; required below the imports? It's not in the ES6 example, but I've seen others use it in react.
  7. hmm updated my code and get the error: TypeError: pixi_spine__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_2__.Spine is not a constructor import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js'; import {Spine} from 'pixi-spine'; window.PIXI = PIXI; function Hero() { const app = new PIXI.Application(); document.body.appendChild(app.view); app.loader .add('spineCharacter', './spineboy.json') .load(function (loader, resources) { const animation = new Spine(resources.spineCharacter.spineData); // add the animation to the scene and render...
  8. I'm having the hardest time getting this working in react. I get the Error: The spineData param is required. error Here's my code: import React from 'react'; import * as PIXI from "pixi-spine"; window.PIXI = PIXI; require("pixi-spine") function Hero() { const app = new PIXI.Application(); document.body.appendChild(app.view); // load spine data app.loader .add('spineboypro', './spineboy.json') .load(onAssetsLoaded); app.stage.interactive = true; function onAssetsLoaded(load
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