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  1. Ok thanks for the answer, I finally found the following solution: all the concepts represented in the editor are now objects inheriting either from a BitmapText, Container or Sprite. It is therefore sufficient to add them directly to the scene to be able to display them, knowing that these objects manage their own subscriptions to events. These objects also contain something to react to the change of their properties, which makes it possible not to regenerate the objects at each frame. Thanks for the hints, I think they helped me go in the right direction.
  2. I am currently creating a web drawing software that uses PIXI.js and NgRx with Angular https://i.imgur.com/KoTckDq.png. For the moment the basic principle is as follows: the component managing the drawing area (a canvas) subscribes to state slices, and each time the state is updated, I call a method allowing to clean all the elements of the canvas, then add them back to the scene. @Component({ selector: 'app-canvas-renderer', templateUrl: './canvas-renderer.component.html', styleUrls: ['./canvas-renderer.component.scss'] }) export class CanvasRendererComponent implements OnInit,
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