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  1. //package.json "peerDependencies": { *** "@pixi/display": "^6.1.2", }, "devDependencies": { *** "@pixi/display": "^6.1.2", } //test.ts import { Container } from "@pixi/display" function(c:Container){ c.interactive //VSCode PROBLEMS show "Property 'interactive' does not exist on type 'Container'" }
  2. Hi, Ivan. Can the plugin I created be named as @pixi/oixi ?
  3. Hello, I open sourced a very interesting small project. https://github.com/WLDragon/oixi2 It can make your code simple, like the following. OContainer([ OText('anchor=0.5', 'Hello Oixi2!') ]) I have used it to make a small game. https://wldragon.github.io/rat-in-maze/ Check the source code of the small game. May be you will be interested in this development way.😄 https://github.com/WLDragon/oixi2_demo
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