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  1. Ok, I will send you the iframe codes tomorrow. Thank you
  2. I am looking for sponsors to submit my games for free with my LeadBolt ads. Don't sure if there are any sponsors working like this. I just want to ask if anyone has ever tried this way to make ad revenue.
  3. I am looking for free game portals to submit my HTML5 mobile games for free.
  4. Thanks for comments I don't really understand but you need to avoid collisions everytime. sorry for my poor english. yes it can be added. I also don't totally happy with my path code but its realy hard to work with paths in gamemaker. I am learning
  5. owlora

    Bug Match

    nice game, also I like the art.
  6. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7 I am loving it. its so practical according to photoshop but my games looking like flash games
  7. Pier is a path drawing game. Touch the boat and draw a path to the pier of the same color. PLAY
  8. Black N' White is a strategy game which is inspired by the game of go. The goal is to surround your rival. http://owlora.com/games/blacknwhite/