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  1. Great tool! but is it normal that the 3D preview is aliased ?
  2. I love the graphics, good job, it's seem fun to play.
  3. Because when I've used Ejecta, it could not load shaders with the current method. I just had to change the loading method by overriding _loadVertexShader and _loadPixelShader. Maybe it can works out of stock now because shaders are packaged with the source code.
  4. Hi, You've two things to do for having BabylonJS to work with Ejecta. The first is to define the width/height/clientWidth/clientHeight properties of your canvas so something like that : var canvas = document.getElementById("canvas"); // You can get the canvas like that with Ejecta canvas.width = 800; canvas.height = 600; canvas.clientWidth = 800; canvas.clientHeight = 600; And now you need to adapt my "wrapper" to the latest version of BabylonJS because this code is "old" (february). To adapt it, you have to get minified shaders and update the ShaderResources variable.
  5. Hi booty5! In my opinion the best way to do that is to use Cordova, it's simple, free, open source and allows you to deploy to many platforms. For exemple, my last game use Cordova and is available for Windows Phone / Store, Android and FirefoxOS ! It's a command line tool using nodejs and it's very simple to use. Take a look at the main site, and don't hesitate to ask for help if you're blocked by anything. Good luck! demonixis.
  6. Hi, I fixed some issues with the dialog system and the items. The game could be already completed but now without bugs with items (you can't give an item if the NPC don't want it at this time). I'm working now on a better movements for the player (Anne) and some enhancement. The Android build (which is done with Cordova) makes me crazy too :/
  7. Hi, thank you for playing ! Hum it's a bug sorry, we've done a lot of tests but we don't have tested this case! I'll fix it asap and publish a new update. Edit: It's not a big problem, just continue to talk with him and it'll be fine I'm glad that you liked, my plan is to polish the v0.4 which will bring somes important fixes. If you like graphics, you can follow @Ckiop83 and @HDreadyGraphic on Twitter, these guys are cool As I said in my first post, the story is based on four chapters, today you can play the prologue, but be sure that the next will be great! Technically I've to work on graphics editors now because we have to edit all databases (it's json files) and it begin to be hard with a text editor.
  8. Hi there! I would to present you the game that I worked on, during the Point & Click Jam : L'héritage Maudit. We are three guys on it, two graphic artists and a programmer, I'm the programmer. For this jam, we had to choose an old color palette because it must look like a 90's game. So we've chosen the CGA palette because it remembers us many cool games of the DOS time! About the story You are Anne Jezequel, a french thriller novel writer during the 60's. Your uncle died and demise us his house in Brittany (France). You decide to leave Paris and take some rest and inspiration in the house for some time. But strange events will append… The engine I'm working on a custom engine called Atlantis.js, it's available on github. The particularity of this engine is that it's splited into two parts. A Framework which is a "light" rewrite of Microsoft XNA Framework and the engine that use the Framework and which is largely inspired by Flixel. What about now Today you can play the prologue which introduce the main character (Anne) and some other characters. Our original script contains four chapters, we have a lot of work to achieve before starting the first chapter, but when our new tools will be done, it'll be easy to add all chapters. Currently i'm working on some fixes, by example the scaling of the main character, for now it's working but it's not really "realistic", it'll be fixed soon. And now it's time to play You can play the game on GameJolt website, or from my server (this version is better because you can switch to fullscreen mode). I'm working on mobile ports with Cordova, today the game can be downloaded for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. I've some issues with Android but it's on the way for later Note that the game run very well on some console's browsers : Playstation 4, Xbox 360, PS Vita (You can take a look at my tumblr about that). GameJoltFrom my server (better)Windows Phone 8.1Windows 8.1 (Desktop/Tablet) Don't hesitate to follow our works on Twitter or Google+
  9. Hi ! You made some good progresses since 0.0.1 release ! However I tried to export my map and after a long time nothing happened. Yann.
  10. Well you've done a excellent work ! Can't wait for a JSON export
  11. Hi guys! Since the last update I've an issue with babylon.js and picking ray. Here is my code: var ray = _scene.createPickingRay(event.clientX, event.clientY);It works as expected on PC but not on mobile. For having this method working I need to remove Hardware Scaling support in viewport object and in createPickingRay method. So with this hack it's works : // babylon.scene.jsScene.prototype.createPickingRay = function (x, y, world, camera) { // Code return BABYLON.Ray.CreateNew(x, y, viewport.width, viewport.height, world ? world : BABYLON.Matrix.Identity(), camera.getViewMatrix(), camera.getProjectionMatrix());};// babylon.math.jsViewport.prototype.toGlobal = function (engine) { var width = engine.getRenderWidth(); var height = engine.getRenderHeight(); return new Viewport(this.x * width, this.y * height, this.width * width, this.height * height);};My test has been done on a Nexus 7 (latest chrome and Android) and Nexus 4 (latest chrome and Android). Have you an idea about this issue ? demonixis.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to make a screenshot from my application with canvas.toDataURL() but I've an empty image in result. Is there a special method to call to achieve that ? My code is very simple : var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(myCanvas);...// Triggered by an eventvar base64 = myCanvas.toDataURL();var img = new Image();img.src = base64;return img;The image is transparent. Is it normal ? How can I create a correct screenshot of the current scene ? Thanks.
  13. My exports seems to be correct for now. I need to finish my custom importer and see if it works or not For now I just need informations about meshes (vertices, uvs, normals) and materials, no needs for animations, cameras, collisions, etc.. I like the .babylon format, it's JSON so it's easy to deal with it in many languages, and the structure of the file is clean.
  14. Hi, For one of my project, I need to export a scene from the browser to a file. My goal is to write a custom babylon importer for another engine (a mobile engine). My importer is already done and now I need to export scenes from Babylon. Can I do this easily ? (maybe there are a super functions I missed ?) Thanks for your answers Yann. Edit: Ok I just seen SceneSerializer, it's awesome \o/ var serializedScene = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene);var strScene = JSON.stringify(serializedScene);