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  1. Hi! Finally after a few tests, crosswalk is not performing better than CocoonJS: in fact, my friend who did the tests made a mistake between the 2 versions: even if on my Galaxy S2 performances are the same, on his much newer devices ("Nexus 7 KitKat", "Xperia 4.0.4" and "Galaxy S3 4.1.2") CocoonJS is still much smoother and fluid.
  2. Hi everybody ! I am searching a native performance wrapper for canvas based games on Android since long time. For the time being I only knew 3 ways (solutions allowing to use an existing code without having to change anything): CocoonJs, Ejecta-X et Intel XDK. The better being CocoonJs. But because I don't like: - Being dependent of a platform: the day they change the version, if this version introduce some bugs in your games, you cannot re-build anything until they fixed it. - Being unable to create custom native plugins. - Being unable to remove the splash screen. Last week, as I was
  3. Yeah, why not, will send you a PM .
  4. o.O Whaoo, that's really impressive! Great job! Runs pretty well on my iPhone4 ios5 (yes, not 6, not 7) safari also. Looks like you did the code and the graphics yourself ?
  5. It's not too difficult, we have a lot of functions to call stuff in the other context, (from webview to canvas and vice-versa) with callbacks where you don't have to care much from which context are coming the data. You cannot transfer functions/prototypes I think, you can transfer just text based info, but that's enough in most of the cases I think. On my side I'm using it to access the photo roll via an <input type="file"> and to send the photo data as a string to the canvas. See the 3 CocoonJs_App files here : https://bitbucket.org/ludei/cocoon_cocoonjsextensions/src
  6. Yes awesome games (especially blocks want candy ) perfectly designed for html5 market. I am curious: are you using a tool like game maker or construct or is it your own framework? EDIT: ok, found my answer on another site sharing the same loader and code style It's gamemaker ^^. signed : a developer who spent the last 2 or 3 months of his spare time having the head into his own stuff, just emerging and discovering what is around ;D.
  7. Onother question: why did you choose intel XDK instead of Ejecta? In fact, directcanvas is a pre-version of Ejecta almost entirely coded by the same developer. Ejecta is going forward fixing stuff and improving performances constantly where directcanvas didn't get any change since ages. And yes, thank you for sharing your experience!!
  8. dTb

    cocoonjs launcher

    Ok, now I guess it's really a Phaser + CocoonJs issue. hints: - CocoonJs XMLhttprequest implementation is limited. You can try to put console logs inside Phaser to see what's inside the XHR object. I would say inside the xmlLoadComplete method, a first step would be to print the keys and see what's inside. Something like : for (var k in this._xhr) { if (this._xhr.hasOwnProperty(k)) { // splitting console logs for readability in cocoonjs app console.log(k + ':'); console.log(this._xhr[k]); }}- I don't know if their implementation is working for local files, maybe it's working onl
  9. dTb

    cocoonjs launcher

    @jcs: on my side I just create a canvas (or in this case a screencanvas to get the hardware acceleration) and set the width and height to window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight to get it full screen. edit: just re-read your post and saw you had to tweak a div and a canvas: in Cocoonjs or Ejecta there is no DOM and no div, just a canvas. The best practice in my opinion is to have the body completly empty and to append a canvas/screencanvas from the javascript, or to have this canvas/screencanvas tag only.
  10. dTb

    cocoonjs launcher

    @Sergil: sorry, I am on my iPad so I cannot check and be 100% sure of what I am going to say.. but let's say 95% in Cocoonjs (or Ejecta) the window object is simulated, there is no DOM. I don't think window.onload is supported and it's just not required at all for sure. Just put boot(); outside of any condition. On my games I am using this : // ------------------------- // Trigger the init // ------------------------- if (typeof window.onload !== 'undefined') { // if we are in a regular browser window.onload = init; } else { // we are in something like ejecta.. no need to wait for
  11. Sorry, I didn't saw your question before, I don't know if you still have the problem, but just in case, there is 3 things you can check: - The ttf file have to be in a specific directory, I don't remember exactly the name, maybe just /fonts at the root of your project, just check the demo app to be sure. - If your are testing remotly via the launcher, ttf fonts are working ONLY if the url point to a zip file of your project, it doesn't work if you just point to your index.html. - Cocoonjs doesn't like font sizes with floating point. So everytime use an integer pixel size value. - I don't remem
  12. It's also possible to mention Ejecta-X (https://github.com/3dseals/Ejecta-X) a attempt to port Ejecta on Android. Last time I tested it, the performances was looking good but the touch events was not working (kind of critical bug for a game ). This issue seems to be fixed now. But even if I would love this project to be successful (Ejecta is an awesome and super simple to use canvas accelerator) this project doesn't seem to be updated often. ps: In the same vein Rezoner did a very interesting article about porting html5 games natively on multiple plateforms: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topi
  13. dTb

    iOS 7

    Looks like no thread have been started yet about iOS 7 changes, so let's do it ! A guy already made extensive tests, the public part of the results is here : http://www.mobilexweb.com/blog/ios7-beta-safari-html5 And the biggest part is still under NDA so we cannot talk publicly about it, but you can still read if you have a dev account : https://devforums.apple.com/thread/193183 I hope this NDA will end some time before the public release
  14. Yeah ! Congrats \\ // ! I'm looking forward to know more about this.
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