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  1. We've just released Exocraft on mobile for iOS and Android! App Store: Google Play:
  2. @TheBoneJarmer Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game! The server is written with node.js and uses a combination of MongoDB, Redis and in-memory messaging with our open-source democracy.js module (
  3. We just went live on Steam! You can download for free on both PC and Mac. If anyone has been successful getting a Linux build working with Electron we'd love to hear about it as we wanted to support Linux, but kept running into issues.
  4. Our Steam launch just got featured on Rock Paper Shotgun!
  5. With our latest "biomes" update, we've decided to update the gameplay trailer to showcase all of the colorful new changes to the world:
  6. We started the multi-platform rollout with the Windows Store, but we certainly aren't stopping there. You can now add Exocraft to your Steam wishlist, with a release date set for March 12 on PC/Mac! We've also released our first gameplay trailer:
  7. The web was really just our soft launch, and now that we've fleshed out a lot of the features and content (still lots more on that front though), we are starting to roll the game out on other platforms. The first of those stops is a PC download through the Windows Store, available as of today!
  8. @ShrewdPixelThank you so much for the kind words, we really appreciate it! Glad to hear you noticed the polish/performance as there definitely was a lot of work that went into both of those aspects.
  9. We've just released yet another massive update that includes the new supply drop feature, 26 new parts, 13 new crew members, 12 new drones and lots of other features, updates and fixes.
  10. Sure! We don't actually have any ads on our games (we do have an offer wall on this one, though it is barely generating any revenue to be worth it, so it'll likely get removed before too long). We mostly monetize through limited edition item sales and premium currency.
  11. GoldFire Studios started as a hobby way back in the day, but we have been a full-time business for around 7 years now. We are still very small (3 devs and 1 artist), but our games are able to support the studio.
  12. We've just released our biggest update yet! This one comes with two major new features that add a lot more depth and strategy to the gameplay (and open things up for us to expand on that further with upcoming updates). 1. Fleets - Instead of just being a one-off ship, you can now build as many ships as you want and store them in your hangar. You are now positioned as the owner of an entire space mining company and can rise up the ranks as the most profitable in all the galaxy. 2. Crews - You can't run all of these ships on your own, so we introduced the crews feature that lets you hire droids, people and aliens to man your ships (and some spiffy new art to go along with it).
  13. It might be tough to get it running well on an S4, but we are getting smooth 60fps on iPhone 6S and a Samsung from 2 years ago (can't remember which model). However, we've yet to do any optimizations for performance and for the UI on mobile yet. That is one of the next things on our list as we'll be releasing native apps with Cordova later in the fall.
  14. We've spent the last month porting the game from Phaser-CE to Phaser 3 and it seems to have paid off! We are seeing performance gains around 300-400% across the board (not out of the box, we've done quite a bit of optimizing and are using our own custom pipeline, but we were doing that with Phaser-CE as well). With these new performance gains we are going to be able to do some new things that we just couldn't before, which we are pretty excited about.
  15. With some help of some nice people in the Discord channel, we came to the conclusion that this isn't possible with the standard particle system. However, we also found that you could pass custom onEmit and onUpdate methods to the emitter, which allowed for a custom solution to add this functionality. Since we were porting from Phaser 2 with Particle Storm, I decided to write this in a way that prevented us from having to re-do all of our particle configs, so we simply include value and control in the same format and pass the following two methods as onEmit and onUpdate. /** * Custom particle update callback that handles Particle Storm style controls. * @param {Object} particle Particle to act on. * @param {String} key Property name. * @return {Number} New value. */ static controlUpdate(particle, key) { const {control} = particle.emitter[key].propertyValue; const initial = particle[`${key}Initial`] || 1; const percent = particle.lifeT; let index = 0; let point = control[index]; if (point.x === percent) { return point.y; } // Find the next point based on the current percent. while (point.x <= percent) { if (index >= control.length - 1) { return point.x; } index += 1; point = control[index]; } const prev = control[index - 1]; // Follow curve with linear interpolation: f(x) = y0 + (y1 - y0) * (x - x0) / (x1 - x0). const valueMulti = prev.y + (percent - prev.x) * (point.y - prev.y) / (point.x - prev.x); return valueMulti * initial; } /** * Custom particle emit event to set the initial value. * @param {Object} particle Particle to act on. * @param {String} key Property name. */ static initialOnEmit(particle, key) { const values = particle.emitter[key].propertyValue; // Handle a random value. if (typeof values.value === 'object') { particle[`${key}Initial`] = randomBetween(values.value.min, values.value.max); } else if (values.value) { particle[`${key}Initial`] = values.value; } }
  16. We are in the process of porting our Phaser-CE game to Phaser 3 and have been using Particle Storm. We were able to make a lot of great particle effects with this and it looked like the Phaser 3 particle system was fairly similar. However, we are finding some serious limitations that render the vast majority of our particle effects impossible in Phaser 3. I'm hoping this isn't actually the case and I'm just overlooking something. For example, a lot of our particles start with a random alpha value, fade in from 0 to full opacity at the half point and then back to 0 at the end: alpha { value: {min: 0.5, max: 1}, control: [{x: 0, y: 0}, {x: 0.5, y: 1}, {x: 1, y: 0}], } However, two issues in Phaser 3: 1. You can't use min/max in addition to start/end, so it is an either/or with having random values and values that tween. 2. You can no longer define a control, you can only provide an easing function, which means you can only either fade in or fade out, but not both. Is there any way to accomplish this in Phaser 3 that I'm overlooking?
  17. GoldFire

    Custom Builds?

    We've been using Phaser-CE and doing custom builds to exclude components that we don't use (such as physics engines that we don't use, etc). I've been looking over the docs and don't see a way to do that in Phaser 3. Am I missing something or is that indeed the case?
  18. We just released another big update that includes Squads (similar to clans/guilds in other games). The feature is fairly simple right now, though we plan on expanding it over time. The focus is on forming a small group of friends and designing a unique identity with the logo designer that provides thousands of unique combinations. There is also a monthly leaderboard based on our Team Race feature.
  19. We've released several huge updates over the last few weeks, including: Drone evolutions (with 18 new drone types) Daily Bounties Crates with Power-Ups Improved server performance Overhauled battled mechanics Improved Team Race scoring Lots of new and improved artwork Loads of bug fixes and general improvements
  20. Howler.js doesn't claim that at all. The core howler.js library has full feature parity regardless of Web Audio API or HTML5 Audio. We then have optional plugins that give you extra features only available in Web Audio API. Also, simply making your own and doing it right is a lot more work than you might think as there are a lot of browser-specific edge cases you have to cover, and there is pretty much no way to test for all of those on your own without a community effort.
  21. We've now moved all of our hosting from AWS to DigitalOcean and have gotten noticeably better performance for a significantly lower cost (we'll be doing a tech writeup as soon as we get some spare time). We've also got several big updates to the gameplay coming soon (focus has been on bugs and performance so far).
  22. I'm the author of howler.js and it has quite a bit of community support as well. You'll find that howler.js is the most widely used JS audio library and has been under constant development for many years. We use it in our own web games (CasinoRPG and and it is used widely elsewhere. A small list of sites/games using howler:
  23. @onlycape We were hoping to get a lot of players, but we thought it would be more of a slow ramp up not everyone all at once lol. If you wouldn't mind letting me know you username, I can take a look and try to figure out why that is happening.
  24. Thanks! Yeah, we are going to continue working on those things, but the last few days we've just been in overdrive re-writing big chunks of the server to try and handle all of the new players.
  25. @onlycape Thanks, I'm glad you like it and that you noticed some of the small details that we had fun implementing! Also, thanks for the additional feedback.