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  1. You must add your rrectangle in stage, look examples :
  2. Working on Ayolan-Editor build with Pixi.js

  3. Seby

    v3 loader

    How i can clean cache of loader? I use that : delete (PIXI.loader.resources['myJsonData']);That's correct? I'm making game and i load map with PIXI.loader. I don't wanna store all map in cache.
  4. Hi, i've a simple question, i use the array "children" of DisplayObjectContainer to store others DisplayObjectContainer. You think is bad?
  5. Hi, i've make fadeIn, fadeOut and wait function (based on JQuery) for your scenes And you can use it in you scene on : this.logo.fadeIn(5000).wait(1000).fadeOut(5000, function () { ScenesManager.goToScene('GameMenu'); });
  6. That's great tutorial to begin in 2D iso
  7. Hm, i'm sorry but i have try too and cannot get it... I do in 1 week ago :s That's great for polygon but you forgot the [] // hitArea for isometric TilesTile.hitArea = new PIXI.Polygon([new PIXI.Point(64, 32),new PIXI.Point(128, 64),new PIXI.Point(64, 96),new PIXI.Point(0, 64)]);
  8. Oh yeah Thanks Enpu
  9. Hi, I think i've found a new mini bug This code doesn't work : var graphics = new PIXI.Graphics(); graphics.beginFill(0xFFFF00); // set the line style to have a width of 5 and set the color to red graphics.lineStyle(5, 0xFF0000); // draw a rectangle graphics.drawRect(100, 150, 50, 50); // make the button interactive.. graphics.setInteractive(true); = function(data){ console.log('hit rect'); } But this... work correctly var graphics = new PIXI.Sprite(textureButton); graphics.position.x = 100; graphics.position.y = 100; // make the button interactive.. graphics.setInteractive(true); = function(data){ console.log('hit rect'); }
  10. Héhé Sorry for hitArea but now work correctly, i don't no why... But now i need to set an hitPolygonarea
  11. I try to set an hit area less huge than the image size. y image : 64-96px this.myCont.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(10, 10, 20, 50); And i can't reduce the size of hitArea. Other question, can we use a Polygon to set the hitArea?
  12. Seby

    TilingSprite resize

    Sorry I'm just french and english is a bit hard for me
  13. Seby

    TilingSprite resize

    If you want resize the size of the View port : = window.innerWidth + "px"; =window.innerHeight + "px";
  14. On an isometric RPG Prototype