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  1. This is my latest game - Dreams vs Nightmares . Nightmares are attacking fluffy Catnap and dreams defend it. The game is in Plants vs Zombies style with 6 levels of gameplay. I'm planing to add more levels and introduce some new defenders or attackers each level. Any ideas are welcome :)
    Dreams vs Nightmares are build with Phaser. And I used online collaboration tool MyGameBuilder. Also there is a community contributing with pixelart and music which was quite handy for me. Btw, link to a project if you find it interesting vs Nightmares?_fp=chat.P_fSriL4uw2W4kY8Liu_

    Printscreen from intro animation


    Some action in last levels


  2. Hi, 


    I've made an example which works

    // you have to make this.playerGrounded as reference without () and pass callbackContext this// collide(object1, object2, collideCallback, processCallback, callbackContext) → {boolean}, this.firstCloud, this.playerGrounded, null, this);

    And there was another bug

    // you don't need this.isGrounded checkif(this.isGrounded && this.jumpCount < 2) {    this.isGrounded = false;    ...//insteadif(this.jumpCount < 2) {    this.isGrounded = false;    ...

  3. Hi guys, just read that Facebook launched compiler to build native iOS apps from JavaScript. Looks like Android apps will follow soon.


    The project is under BSD license and available in github


    Have anybody tried this and what are your thoughts? Can this compete with CocoonJS?


  4. Maybe somebody could help us with OS X server? We would like to set up compiler for iOS apps to export them via single click in the browser. Ideally we could give MightyEditor subscription in exchange for hosting. Otherwise we could pay some small amount of money. 

  5. Thanks, it is a good point. We are seeing ourselves with creating games or even tutorials that editor needs to be some kind of version control system. I suppose that github is good from perspective that data is stored also on some 3rd party server. We should consider challenges when there is conflict when merging and how to overcome them. 


    Anyway we will come up with one or another solution in next two months.

  6. Hi oranjoose,


    it is 30 days after project is created. But we haven't implemented it yet, so projects won't be deleted for now. 


    My estimation on automated project deletion - it will be ready in one month time. Of course there will be a timer with how many days/hours left and email notification.

  7. Hi Mario,


    thanks for good words :)


    You can import all files by drag&drop to file tree section in source editor (screenshot below)




    Unfortunately I don't know your current workflow and can't give universal answer. But one thing is for sure. You will have to load all assets through editor instead of preload function which most probably you are using now. It may happen that sprite texture keys differs which then should be manually renamed. 


    All the rest should be easy adjustable. Groups, sprites, texts, tile layers are created with mt.create(objectName) and you handle them as normal Phaser objects.

  8. Hi Encompass,


    yes, you can make this kind of game with MightyEditor. Different levels are created as groups and displayed one after another. There is also keyframe based animation tool. Unfortunately you can't add events visually yet, instead this can be done through source editor. 


    Regarding video - you can create it outside canvas element as separate <video> tag and put it over with higher z-index.