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  1. Is there an easy way to use scale and alpha in one tween? I know that you can combine position and alpha like this game.add.tween(sprite).to({x: 100, alpha: 1},...)But regarding to scaling there needs to be sprite.scale parameter added instead of just sprite . And this makes things more complicated. game.add.tween(sprite.scale).to({x: 2, y:2},...)
  2. I am using canvas for gameplay and DOM for UI, but eventually will switch to canvas only. Although DOM is a faster way to create responsive interfaces for various screen resolutions, it has drawbacks on mobile. I'm 'compiling' my web games with CocoonJS in order to have apps for Android and iOS. Currently I have CocoonJS layer with gameplay and web-view on top of it with UI. This hack leads to various problems in app performance and laggy user experience. Also coding wise you have problems like handling inputs for different layers etc. I will try this one for UI creation -> . Anybody can advice better solution? Regarding examples, you can check 'Guardian Angel' demo . Somewhere in November there will be demo with UI on Canvas.
  3. There are several options: Phonegap - basically wraps your game in default browser web-view. Bad performance, slow response time. Maybe good option for webpage like apps but not games. CocoonJS - "compiles" your JavaScript to native like application with close to native performance. I don't suggest to use their web-view. You should draw everything (even UI) on Canvas or WebGL. Chromeview - interesting project which I'm testing lately. Instead of default browser you can use much faster Chrome web-view. On negative side it ads 40MB to your app. Titanium - looks like similar to CocoonJS, but haven't tested it yet. At the moment I would pick CocoonJS.
  4. Hi Josh, Quite a big team looking for. Do you consider to partner with outsourcing team from Eastern Europe? My rough calculation says that it is 3x cheaper. Of course it has also some cons, but maybe worth considering.
  5. Hi guys, we have launched MightyEngine public version. Check it out and some demos here There have been couple of updates since private launch. The most important we have added CocoonJS support. Also we took in account previous thread and simplified code needed to create games. Not to mention lot of bugfixing. Would be glad to hear your feedback.