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  1. Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted here, but I thought you'd like to know that our game, Polycraft has now had a big revamp and is now featured on the new Google Chrome App Store! Here's the gameplay video:bit.ly/polycrafttrailer You can play it here! (no registration required):bit.ly/polycraftapp We’re starting to see the line between web and native games blur. We used bleeding edge web technology to develop Polycraft, and now we’re able to deliver it as a download. This is a huge opportunity for indies and big studios — we’re thrilled to be in on day-one. Thanks for checking out Polycraft, All the best, Adam @ajlangridge
  2. The hands on team is six strong, but we also have a producer and tester!
  3. Thanks so much! The plugin is required for some browsers, I recommend chrome for performance and no need for plugin too!
  4. Hi guys, I'm Adam, programmer at Wonderstruck Games. A year ago I left Lionhead to see what was possible if you combine AAA development tricks with new web game technology, and this morning our first answer, Polycraft, has left closed-beta and is now live for everyone to play: Play Polycraft at polycraftgame.com Polycraft combines 3D character action and tower defence strategy. Washed up on the beach of a mysterious island and rescued by a small, odd looking creature called a Wildling, your Hero is tasked with building a new life and defending it from the ferocious Ferals that seek to destroy it. We're a team of former Lionhead, Sony and EA developers and we had a great time applying our AAA background to a brand new platform and learning about (to us) new technologies like HTML5 and WebGL. Let us know what you think!