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  1. Hi People, This is not a Phaser or html5 specific question. I am developing a educational game that is mainly a quiz with branching drill and practice type questions, but I am having a hard time finding other developers who have made such things (they do exist) or open source engines that I can use/adapt... Is there are forum like this one for educational games developers? as well as techy support it would be good for networking to meet others in the industry/domain. we can always set up a forum if there's a few of us James
  2. Where is the best source of more information on this topic? Has anyone read a book they thought was useful? I know its a rapidly changing landscape but as a newcomer (to mobile/browser games business not to development) a guide would be great
  3. I get 58-60fps pretty consistently on firefox on mac book air (2011) great work!
  4. You've made what I always wanted to make but never had time, *jealous* you've done it with style though, hats off to you, look amazing. Atari Sprint was the first video game I ever saw, in a cabinet at the swimming pool, Bradford, Monday nights, '78/'79 - I was 5.
  5. oh hi sorry Laurent I misunderstood... I should have read your post more carefully. sure it sounds like a good idea, I am most surprised it does not already exist....
  6. I once developed a graphical chat room / vitual world (something like Habbo Hotel) and all the functionality was in the client, this worked by a kind of negotiation between the clients and effectively one client performed space management (e.g. pathfinding to prevent avatars colliding) the big problem was that if that 'special' client was closed the others would not cope - obviously this rarely happens when the game is managed by the server, but clients regularly start and stop. So we gave up and moved the spacial logic into the server, that's not difficult to do by the way, in many ways it wa
  7. I'm reading 'Game Scriping Mastery' on safari books online (http://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Game_scripting_mastery.html?id=q5jdl_LLreMC&redir_esc=y) - and since I'm reading the eBook there's no 'CD included' some books have the files from the CD online, but I can't fine the 'Premier Press Game Development Series' website, or really much mention of the Premier Press that published the book, does anyone know if they went out of business or got bought out? Ultimately though, it's the CD files I'm after, does anyone have a copy of the book with the CD that could make the files avail
  8. cool. this might seem a bit lazy (it is!) ...but possibly also for the benefit of other forum readers... is there any netbooks that you (or anyone reading) can recommend, requirements are good battery life and decent capability in WebGL... ? thanks for any input. :-) JC
  9. Thanks both. I've used a cheapo netbook for years, got an acer aspire one, thing is it doesn't do webgl. it would be neat to have something touch screen, as that's my target 'platform' so I wouldn't need to switch devices. and I've heard good things about cloud9 cloud based ide too, with github integration, perhaps it might be doable to have a kind of personal CI pipeline so you can just use whatever device you have as long as it can run a browser. not for eveyone I bet, but I did see someone in the local library with a pretty cool bluetooth keyboard + nexus 10 setup. but yeah, inco
  10. On a long boring train journey one time I installed a text editor and put together a simple backbone app on my android phone, a nexus 4. I had to install a custom keyboard but it was possible, if not a little painful. I was thinking of buying a tablet and was wondering if anyone had used a tablet to develop html5 based games/apps, and if they have any advice or recommendations. Cheers JC
  11. p.s. if any of you have any idea of a good place for me to post to get the message out let me know! many thanks
  12. Hi I know this is off topic, but I don't know where else to get a message out to a decent number of people who probably know JS. I'm not sure if it's on the 'banned topics' as I can't find the list... anyway - the company - in London - I'm contracting for is having a very hard time getting good enough JavaScript coders to work on their project, I think they would a decent amount £300 a day or more. The pros and cons are: Cons- - project is boring piece of corporate software - they built their own framework on top of backbone and it's built by several different people at different times
  13. http://www.extentofthejam.com/pseudo/#related http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2012/6/22/javascript_racer/ http://www.mrspeaker.net/2010/02/18/racing-game-with-jquery/
  14. Yeah, I got a similar issue http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19162794/browser-window-height-on-mobile-firefox-v23 no one gave me any clues, I suspect is is to do with the scaling/zooming being worked out in some 'virtual pixels' way, I had a few problems with absolute positioning of html elements in FF on android. sorry can't be more helpful, but you're not alone.
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