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  1. Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to analyse the whole HTML5 Gaming Market (Opportunities & Threats), I'm still missing some info or sources regarding the following questions, maybe someone here around could help me (1) What are you guys thoughts/feelings on HTML5 games? (2) HTML5 Games sourcing for Gaming Portals: How and where can a Gaming portal find quality HTML5 content? Are there any publishers focused on that or do they have to source them themselves? How are the deals with the publishers looking (Rev share deals? CPA/CPL? ...) (3) The Gaming community feeling about HTML5 games: How are HTML5 games perceived by the gamers, developers, etc.? Do they see it as an opportunity or as a threat? What issues are they facing and how could they be helped? (4) Are HTML5 games the easiest/cheapest way to go Mobile for a Gaming Company? Any thoughts, sources or info would help me do not hesitate to post everything you have! Thank you all in advance for you precious help! Hugo