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  1. The article on the map generation(how to do a mid map island) was useful. Tricks like that circle to get the island in the middle created is neat. I read an article using something similar like this for a* to plan different paths. This by pasting a unpassable circle somewhere in the first path. I hope you wil continue to add new things and not let the blog die. If I look at my own blogs I won't have to expect to get more then a few thousand visitors a month. So it is purely a hobby for me.
  2. I have started the blog in 2013 or so. I recently made more posts with code and am up to 30+ posts and almost all with code. I like to learn how to program 2d games and put the knowledge on the blog. I try to make everything I need to program games like platformers and rpg's ect. I have no idea how many posts I wil make on the blog. My other programming blogs have up to 200 posts most with code per blog so far. Here the link : there is a link on the page to the github page where the code is too. (download all code as a zip) I hope it helps people learn game programming.
  3. Yes that is what I was looking for. Thank you very much
  4. I want to make a map in the source code. Tiles numbering from 0 to 9. It will be a multidimensional array. The size is not more then what can be put on the screen on a 320*240 map with 16*16 tiles. In java I known you can set up the tilemap in the sourcecode in a multidimensional array. something like: array[][]= { { 0,0,0,0 }, { 0,0,0,0 }, { 0,0,0,0 },}; Then you can draw using array[y][x]
  5. I am new with javascript and got to the point where I wanted to create a tilemap and draw that to the screen. I was not able to find anything with google so I am asking here now. How do you use javascript to store the data of a tilemap in a array? I have a blog where I put source code on and will put the tilemap example on it as soon as I get how its done. This is my blog btw : (For beginners in game programming)