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  1. Seems like iOS bug, people have reported that WebGL is not working at all https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/6835
  2. it's 'Loader' with first capital letter and you need to change it for resources as well var loader = PIXI.Loader.shared; var resources = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources;
  3. AAC LC should give you seamless playback, but not AAC HE. Can't say much about performance, but I prefer using m4a + ogg (Vorbis) as fallback.
  4. Seems like precision problem over the time. Try adding: this.tile.tilePosition.x %= this.tileTexture.width;
  5. using m4a instead is the workaround
  6. Really should be mentioned in Pixi wiki as it's frequent question.. Add this to you webpack config file: plugins: [ new webpack.ProvidePlugin({ PIXI: 'pixi.js' }) ] ..and then only import pixi layers, spine, whatever.
  7. bubamara

    PIXI & DOM Inpus

    You can also use https://github.com/EneaEntertainment/pixi-html-element-wrapper It will link your HTML element with dummy PIXI.DisplayObject which you can then position, rotate and scale in scene as you would with any other display object.
  8. loader.onComplete is MiniSignal. There are 3 ways how to remove handler: const binding = loader.onComplete.add(handler); loader.onComplete.detach(binding); or const binding = loader.onComplete.add(handler); binding.detach(); or detaching all at once loader.onComplete.detachAll();
  9. Uint16Array actually, but glad you found it.
  10. this should work: const buffer = mesh.geometry.getBuffer('aVertexPosition'); updateLoop(() => { // change 1st vertex buffer.data[0]++; buffer.update(); });
  11. You're welcome. If you need to combine those two inside of pixi stage, you'll have to write your own pure pixi input unfortunatelly
  12. yes, not possible with HTML elements. You can position HTML element only above or below Pixi canvas.
  13. Hi, pixi-html-element-wrapper allows you to position HTML elements above or below Pixi canvas. Input is HTML element and image is sprite added to Pixi stage, is that correct? In that case it works like intended. Input's z-index will affect it's Z position only against canvas in which Pixi is living in. Sprite added to Pixi stage is 'part' of that canvas.
  14. You actually need to draw something to canvas plus it's missing new keyword before Sprite. Here's working demo for you: https://pixiplayground.com/#/edit/H7xf1sMhhQpzD2anLy51a
  15. You can still render grid tile to canvas, grab the texture from it and update.