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  1. (1) Skeletal Animation Blending is performed by the GPU using pre-baked animation texture. (2) Automatically generated connecting path allows smooth transition between two distinct path animations.
  2. What nightmares are made of: thousands of cuddly bunnies coming at you over the hill top. Crowd simulation with automatic LOD management.
  3. Automatic Level of Detail (LOD) management using Progressively Ordered Primitives (POP) Buffer technique to increase animation performance of a large crowd. ~5000 independently animated rabbits.
  4. Encode all animation frames into a single texture to reduce CPU and GPU communication and increase frame rate. BTW, this video was made on a low-end GPU while video recording was running simultaneously.
  5. Atom-Drive is now Amazon Cloud ready: (1) Integrated with GIT, AWS CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline, a single GIT commit from your local desktop will automatically propagate all changes to all AWS Linux 2 auto-scaling instances in all availability zones. (N.Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, N.California, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Central Canada, Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Stockholm, Bahrain, Sao Paulo). (2) Combined with CloudFlare's distributed caching service, everyone around the world are now able to work together on developing Games/Apps with minimum delay. (3) Using our WebRTC molecule pack, developing peer-2-peer web conferencing apps is now easier than ever.
  6. Add large number of point lights to scene with mouse click or mouse click and drag. Featuring forward tiled rendering to eliminate performance degradation.
  7. What is MeshSpray? (1) A Scene Building utility that allow you to spray-paint Meshes, Sprites, and Point Lights onto another Mesh. (2) Use instancing as much as possible to reduce draw call to just one. (3) Controllable parameters include Density, Attach-to-Target, Align-to-Normal, Vertical Offset, Transformation Jitter, etc. (4) Allow you to fine tune individual instance's transformation interactively. (5) Instances becomes part of shareable mesh component that can be published and reuse by others.
  8. TAA implementation inspired by Lasse Jon Fuglsang Pedersen of PlayDead. (1) 16 sampling strategies. (2) Temporal camera jitters account for both camera and object motion. (3) Good result without performance degradation.
  9. oTakhi Documents OnDemand System (1) Knowledge at your fingertip. As you type, information about the object is automatically fetched from the server and displayed in the WikiDoc panel. (2) A community contributed documentation system for all static and dynamic objects in the platform. (3) Documents are externally view-able by regular browsers. (4) A no nonsense document editing tool allows for unlimited styles of document flow using flex-box design. (5) Images, links, and youtube videos can be directly embedded into pages. (6) allows clickable links to both external web sites and other document pages.
  10. Extensive bone editing capabilities for creating realistic or caricature skeletal animations.
  11. Share your work with the others and the public on the Internet using Atom-Drive:
  12. Atom Drive is still in preview mode. Anticipated release date is Summer 2019. Our cloud service at, like others, suffers congestion during heavy UPLOAD, which is a problem when server resources is limited. Atom Drive lets you host your own server and therefore solve both speed and availability issue, that is, if you just want to run it as a workgroup in a Local Area Network.
  13. Atom-Drive is: (1) a Chromium Browser and Node.js Server hybrid. (2) a server-less solution ( no client process running on the server) that serves only software objects and web apps on demand over LAN and/or WAN. (3) a workgroup productivity solution for sharing software objects, apps assembled from these objects, and editors assembled from these objects for creating new intermediary objects and contents. (4) not one single application dictated by a few individuals, but a way to create many different applications by anyone for everyone. Apps can be embedded in web pages and viewable by regular web browsers. (5) a platform for embedding open-sourced c++ or javascript libraries into micro-service provider such as molecule packs or reusable droplets. (6) Scalable MySql backend allows objects to be stored on a cluster of hosts. (7) extensive client-side caching to reduce latency and increase productivity comparing to traditional client/server design.
  14. Use Volumetric Area Light to enhance a scene with subtle lighting cue.
  15. Adjustable shadow darkness, softness, and volume. Shadow can be generated from transparent meshes using alpha map and alpha test value.