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  1. Use cubic bezier boundaries to control crowd movement and flow pattern. Visit https://www.otakhi.com/petridish?load=15916 to see how it works behind the scene.
  2. Steer Skinned Instanced Skeletal Animations to pre-determined locations. Now you can finally communicate with common household cockroaches. Visit https://www.otakhi.com/petridish?load=15856 to see how it is done.
  3. ... And you are well on your way to a Bitcoin Millionaire by selling your WebGL and WebXR content online as Pay-Per-View using AtomDrive.
  4. Combining Particle System with Skinned Instancing. Can your web game engine do this?
  5. (1) Painting each channel and each layer of the same material. (2) Painting displacement map. (3) Painting with directional strokes.
  6. Take control of your material creation by painting into 10 different material maps.
  7. Dynamic Painting on Static Mesh: Dynamic Painting on Skeletal Mesh:
  8. Real Time Interactive Mesh Sculpting with Dynamic Tessellation. Took us a month and a half in performance tuning.
  9. 14 Sculpting Brushes at your disposal for unlimited creativity.
  10. Mesh Sculpting Preview - the only webgl engine that offers direct interactive 3D Mesh sculpting capability.
  11. We have decided to push back the roll out until the following features are ready. (1) Sculpting via Dynamic Tessellation. (60% complete) (2) Painting on Mesh via Dynamic Multi-Materials Application and blending (30% complete) We consider these features absolutely essential for game development and hence the abrupt decision. Thank you for your patience.
  12. No FFT, No Raymarching, Pure Performance for superb realism.
  13. AtomDrive has reached its first milestone of features and we are releasing it as version 1.0.0. AtomDrive is not just another client productivity software like most 3D softwares on the market. It is composed of a Node Server, MySQL Database, with a Browser front-end... built on the latest version of Electron. It can be launched as a system service without GUI, or as a GUI client to a remote AtomDrive server. It runs on all 3 major desktop platforms: Windows, Linux, and MacOSX. What can you do with AtomDrive? Collect and build your own repository of 3D models, ima
  14. Now support CSS Grid in addition to Flex Box.
  15. Test drive our new DOF post-processing filter.
  16. Principled BRDF material combined with selected Post-Processing Effects.
  17. AtomDrive, a hybrid Node.js Server and Chromium Client, built on Electron Engine, can now publish to Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices. (1) Integrating Cordova 9.0 on the server side, users on the network can now issue build requests and receive back run-time packages or raw build projects (Visual Studio or XCode) for local builds and digital signing. (2) Perfect for WorkGroup. Top-Down Object Oriented Design Pattern allows anyone to assemble raw media, submitted by artists, into apps/games and publish them to all major Desktops and Mobile platforms. (3) Extensible Frame
  18. Video 1) Add a Path Animation and then replicate mesh using skinned instancing with 10 LOD (Level Of Details). Video 2) Skinned Instancing + LODs + Frustum Culling. Play with the project live here.
  19. The only WebGL platform that allows you to create native Skeletal Animations in the cloud and it is easier than ever.
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