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  1. Bernie Sanders Game Jam January 15-17, 2016 Fimaru is back with a new game jam this weekend. With apologies, the theme is likely not for everyone. Some Details: Begins at 8PM EST on January 15th. Ends at 8PM EST on January 17th. The winning game will be picked via public votes. Fight Magic Run will match every vote from the winning game with $1 (up to $100) We will also pick our favorite game and donate $50 to Bernie Sanders in its honor. Pre-planning is fine, but don't start development until Friday at 8PM EST Working on teams is allowed More details/registration are available here: fimaru.com/bernie Cheers
  2. Don't worry! We do it every weekend. fimaru.com has a countdown till the next battle begins.
  3. I heard some people wanted a challenge There are a few ways you could go too. You don't necessarily need two separate computers with sockets and real-time and so on... - You can have one player on the wasd keys and one on the arrow keys (or have different goals/tap regions). - You can take turns on the same computer. - Browsers can store state if you can trust both people to stay connected and aren't worried about cheating. - If real-time isn't a concern, you can store state somewhere else and create a correspondence game of some sort. - You can make a game featuring a second player character (mario is missing, Luigi's mansion) - Probably a bunch of other things I'm not thinking of
  4. Hi everyone, The FightMagicRun game jam for this weekend has a theme of... drumroll... "2 Player" As always, there is a $100 prize for the winner, and games are judged on their TACO (theme, ambition, completeness, and originality). It starts now and runs for 48 hours. To register or submit a game, head over this way: http://fimaru.com/2-player Hope to see you there!
  5. Yeah. Not sure what happened. Summer weddings? Weekend after Ludum Dare? Holiday weekend in the US? I don't know. Sorry for not getting back to you. I forgot to follow this topic. All of the game jams on FiMaRu start at 5PM Pacific time every Friday, and end 48 hours later (5PM Pacific Time every Sunday). I've submitted it to them, but they haven't added it. Not sure what's going on there. Maybe their form is broken or they're super busy people.
  6. The 7th FiMaRu Battle starts now! The theme is: Moon You can register and submit your entries here: http://fimaru.com/moon Good luck everyone!
  7. https://github.com/meenie/8bit.js Here's the SMB theme: http://plnkr.co/edit/dv5iEPuMun0EIdmt9Y6n?p=preview Support for sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth. Great interface overall for people who think in terms of notes rather than sequences, loops and channels. It's this simple (via the github readme): var music = new EightBit(); music.setTimeSignature(4,4); music.setTempo(120); var piano = music.createInstrument(); piano.note('C4', 'quarter');piano.note('D4', 'quarter');piano.note('E4', 'quarter');piano.note('F4', 'quarter');
  8. This looks promising: https://github.com/meenie/8bit.js
  9. >.> <.< I'm onto you guys Seriously though. There's nothing in FiMaRu's rules about not participating in another contest. If you want to work on a combination of both themes and submit your game's url, that's legit. We're all good. 10 seconds in the forest... hmm. My first thought is a metagame about the experience of playing Platoon for the NES. Or maybe adjusting facial expressions of a Christmas tree salesman in slow motion to appear credible and friendly.
  10. Glad to hear you guys are into it. If you're curious about how I pick themes, this is my current thinking. If it's not interesting for you yet, don't worry too much. There are only so many standard game objects/environments that can possibly appear as themes. Because I have beginners in mind, I want things that might be fun to practice drawing and be useful for future games. Also, it's easy to find examples of tangible objects and how they work with existing games. If the people battling in FiMaRu were primarily artists, I would take a different approach, but I'm going for accessibility more than inspiration. If that's not a good approach, let me know what might work better for you. In the mean time, I'll contemplate the conflict between inspiring, prescribing, and making the contests accessible.
  11. Hi Everyone! The Forest Battle has officially begun! Details in brief: - No entry fee - $100 prize for the winner - Of course, it's still your game afterwards Check out the last battle here, the full contest rules here, and as always, let me know if you have any questions. Good luck! -Evan
  12. Congrats to the winner... "Danger Kitty"!! You can play Danger Kitty and all of the other awesome games from Battle: Lava right over here: http://bit.ly/1cLR8qy Hope to see you all for a new contest next week, a new yet to be disclosed theme, and as always, a $100 prize! Cheers, -Evan
  13. I love how he dances. No sound on firefox.
  14. Caught 13 baits. I ate one or two, and gave the rest to charity.