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  1. Hey everyone! We are finally on IndieGogo for the crowdfunding! We also released a new demo with lots of updates! Go check it out:
  2. Sad to hear that :/ I assume this was a problem with loading the map from the server because at this point a new map should be loaded. You didn't save until then? You can also skip cutscenes via the Pause menu (ESC, START on the controller). Giving out a local storage is not that easy as we don't save each slot one by one. Also, try out the offline version! There you don't have the long loading times Cheers and thanks for playing
  3. 2 years ago we released the TechDemo for CrossCode and today is the day. The day we proudly release the first real Demo! It’s demo time. CrossCode demo time! Find the demo here: www.cross-code.com You can play CrossCode in your browser or download a standalone version for windows and play it offline! Trailer Features CrossCode combines features of the Action-Adventure and RPG genre, delivering both, a great variety of puzzles and an engaging, fast-paced combat system with plenty of options for character growth. Here's a quick overview of the features: 16-bit, SNES-style 2D graphics with detailed animationsA soundtrack inspired by old SNES and Playstation JRPGsA unique ball throwing mechanic with charging functionality and ricocheting balls, used for combat and puzzlesA fast-paced combat system featuring close and ranged attacks, guarding, dashing and great variety of special attacks.A complete RPG system with leveling, equipment, consumable items and skill treesA detailed movement system with auto-jumping and precise collisionStory You follow a player called Lea as she logs into CrossWorlds - a fictional MMO of the far future. Lea is quite the strange player: she can't speak and she doesn't remember anything about herself. Yet still, Lea starts exploring CrossWorlds, meets other players and overcomes a multitude of challenges all along the official track of the game. That is, until the past catches up with her. Screenshots Soundtrack If you just want to listen to the soundtrack, check out Intero's Soundcloud Page. Crowdfunding CrossCode is on IndieGogo right now to rise funds! Go check it out: Have fun playing the game! And yes, this is all done with web technologies! Cheers!
  4. @ MichaelD & Protopop Thanks a lot! And we have a new technical for you. This time we talk about our GUI system and how it basically works from updating to drawing! Check it out: Click on Me!
  5. It's time for the Reacap 2013 of CrossCode! Check out all the greate new features we implemented in this YouTube Video:
  6. Today we present a special gameboy-themed version of Ninja Hobo Connoisseur: Mega Ninja Hobo Connoisseur The following things were changed: All graphics redone with 4 colorsRemixed Soundtrack by Intero and recorded with a real Gameboy by TQ Small effect changes (no transparency on the Gameboy)Changed the resolution to 320×244 which is twice the size of the original gameboy resolutionGameplay and map changes You can also read about it in our new blog post about the game here: Click Me
  7. It's 2014 and we have some fresh updates! We kinda manged to finish our milestone and even added some new features. Also we have a recap video for next week and a special surprised we already teased on Twitter! (Hint: 8-Bit Action) Link: Get it Here
  8. And there we go, a new update! We worked mostly on the new battle techs and the equipment menu. But we also got our first concept art to share with you! Link: Click
  9. Passion is good and if making an MMO ist your passion you'll need man power. You can't make this alone. We are really talking about MMOs right? I mean those MASSIVE Multiplayers? That not just a question of game development. You need an infrastructure to make sure you can support a large amount of users playing the game at the same time. Also such games do only work when the game really has a reason to be played with lots of people. A card game is not such a game. Only if you play against thousands of others players at once. So a card game is more of a simple online multiplayer. You also shouldn't compare a game to a website about games or general websites. There is a different audience. Making a game fun over a long time (Which is something you want in a MMO) is much harder than pushing new content (And funny content too). Don't expect to grow like them, as your audience is not coming to you for a small funny text about games. They want to play and you want to make them play. Not sure about you, but considering the vast amount of tastes, this is a hard. I don't want to temper your ambitions, but "start small" is not just a phrase but good solid advice. Trying to build a community from basically nothing will not work anyway. You want to have an idea that is new or something people want to talk about. And it that's a game... well than this better be something really cool.
  10. If you have experience in programming, using Game Maker can be pretty hard. Using the popular engines is your best go here. Next to Phaser, I also recommend impact.js. You have to pay 99 Bucks once, but it is worth it, since it is extremely minimalist (should be good for you if you prefer to code engines yourself, impact allows this).we are It also features a pretty cool class style (I guess a lot here will kill me for saying that but anway), if you like some kind of object-oriented programming (as said you can modify anything yourself, actually in every engine. Its JavaScript talking about here )
  11. New Update! We worked on different ends and made some large changes again. We rewrote our entire animation system as an example. Read more about it in the weekly update! Link: It's a Me! Link!
  12. Time for some updates! A lot of small updates happened duing the past 2 weeks. Lachsen implemented a number of small features we had to add sooner or later. IHeartPieGaming also found out about the extra challenge after the credits and made a video of it! Link: Yepp, it's me, the Link!
  13. Hello there! We have a little side project for you! On the last weekend Lachsen and our composer Intero where attending the devmaina in Mainz. The whole meeting centered around and over-night contest. And both Lachsen and Intero couldn't resist to contribute to the contest. And the result of this contest is the game we want to present you today! The contest had a simple theme: "Look at the front page of a local news magazine, take any key word and make an original game out of it". And from that Ninja Hobo Connoisseur was born. There isn't much to say about the game itself. It is very similar to CrossCode. You run around and shoot things. But not with balls this time, but with... well... cork! Because only cork can eliminate the evil wine spritzer! But enough talk! Have at you! Go play our new game now (click on the image or the Link)! Hover of the Highscore/Controls panels to see their content! Ninja Hobo Connoisseur If you like it, share it! Please consider that the game was made as part of an over-night contest. We added some bits and pieces after the contest but the total work time is still about 1.5 days (We didn't want to make a whole new game, CrossCode is still our main project). So you might encounter some bugs and the graphics are not up to our normal standards. Edit: Check out the 8-Bit gameboy version (Called Mega Ninja Hobo Connoisseur) of the game here: Mega Ninja Hobo Connoisseur The following things were changed: All graphics redone with 4 colorsRemixed Soundtrack by Intero and recorded with a real Gameboy by TQ Small effect changes (no transparency on the Gameboy)Changed the resolution to 320×244 which is twice the size of the original gameboy resolutionGameplay and map changes Now go have some fun! Bye Stefan R.D. Lange Radical Fish Games
  14. Hey There! We're going to on the devmania in Mainz, Germany this year! If you guys are close why not pay a visit? Check out the blog for mor information (also include a super nice Let's Play by IHeartPieGaming). Link: This way Sir!