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  1. As a big fan of the Flash software (A multimedia and software platform used for creating vector graphics, animation, games and rich Internet applications) I would really love when people talk about this topic, they precise that the "dying tool" is only the flash player (plugin), it is completely ridiculous to think that Adobe will just throw away Flash (the tool) just because of the HTML5 technology, in fact we can officially export to HTML5 with Adobe Flash CC now which is something that i might reconsider if one day i decide to make HTML5 games "again". oh and please check this website i
  2. Based on what you mentioned above, i understand that you are only struggling with different screen resolutions, which is a piece of cake compared to other issues (fps drop and unexpected bugs ), i sell mobile games made with native languages or Unity3D (based on client request) and even when am working with Unity3D which it has it's own "world" unit that will later adapt to each and every screen, i found myself forced to found a solution to create responsive GUI classes because unity3D GUI doesn't use the "world" unit so it cannot be the same for each and every device out there, and when am us
  3. I suggest you follow what experts (Rich) said above, the deal he offered to you is very cool, and the best part of it is not that you are finally going to sell your game but the fact that you will be able to see and learn how the problem was solved, the main reason that keep me go slow with HTML5 game development is testing but HTML5 is not and will not be my main field, so if you are planning to not do the same, i advice to fight a bit more with these problems cause it really worth it. PS : the game visuals looks promising ^^
  4. Have you ever thought about Freelancing ?? full or part time, it could help a lot i live in a country (Tunisia, what is yours ?) that if you are MEGA-LUCKY your salary will be around 2000$ per month, and trust me, am not lucky at all !! the first problem is that there is practically ZERO game companies here, not even small publishers, the second problem is just like you mentioned above, the 10 pages of requirements nonsense .... and like Starboar said, most of the time they have no idea about the terms they are using. But even that for now am just a 21 years old student, i really have no pl
  5. Hello everyone, I always had this question and wasn't sure if it worth looking for or not until now (i don't know why ) The topic is about either we can call all games running on browser without a plugin a "Html5 game" or not ? am sure that most of you has seen the new UnrealEngine4 announcement, also Unity3D 5 and many other tools and engines that allows you to write your game with a language and technology that may have no connection at all with the classic web development. So as a result, the game will be running under the new HTML 5 and webGl technology, but does that allow the
  6. i had problems uploading HTML5 games at game jolt too, i found my self forced to upload the game on my dropbox account and just put the link in the description
  7. Making a bank account sounds more like a better option And yes, (i think), i was making a developer account, google asked me for the registration fees, i payed, 2 days later they send me a message that say google wallet verification failed
  8. I was hoping to find another solution because i am trying to avoid any connection with my local banks (they are not "good")
  9. Hello, I am trying to set up a google wallet account (am a developer) and in order to finish the registration they sent me a mail that require me sending my gouverment ID and one of the and One of the following proof-of-address documents: The problem is that i don't have any of these, i live with my parents and all the money i got is from oDesk clients using Payoneer cards (never used a bank account, i retrieve my money from ATM ) am not sure if this is a real problem or is it just me missing some points there, but i would really appreciate your help (i tried contacting Google Wallet te
  10. i never used Tiled before, but in my honest opinion the answer would be "yes, but....", as far as i know, a tile based level is simply a level that have X number of tiles where each tile can be a unique object of the game, it can be a simple graphic block, just like it can be a complicated object that is able to move and have X interactions with X other objects
  11. it's not "hate", i like JS when am making little things but when the project get bigger, i just find myself more comfortable with an OOP language better than JS, PLUS i never learned JS, i just use it when i need to, but when it comes to learn JS advanced tricks i honestly never thought about that cause simply am far away from being interested in web development, so it's just a choice, no hate here, i love all languages
  12. i LOVE the gameplay, the music is very cool and it perfectly fits the graphic choice, one thing that i didn't like is the game UI, it's completly "wrong", the player should not move under it, am talking about the top text (lifes, level, and timer bar), find a way to make those element "away" from the game, other than that the game is super cool and would love to see it on mobile
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