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  1. Apple really doesn't care about webGL anymore, they could tell us to use Metal and Swift :S
  2. @JUL Funny, you used Image host is targeted for adult people.
  3. He stopped posting here since one month ago, I don't know why
  4. @Boris van Schooten Thanks for explaining! I guess no need to compile APK again, only can replace asset via zip editor and sign APK with Android SDK. Everyone loves high performance games, no choppy performance. I thought HTML5 has ruined my dream until you showed us your investigation, it would be awesome if you make your own CocoonJS, the biggest problem is implementation of memory management. Ludei team gave up implementation of memory management, so they dropped it. Construct 2 includes memory management using webGL per layout to layout, which it's designed to make big games. I would
  5. @Boris van Schooten It looks complicated, I have no experience how to embed any HTML5 game which is generated by Construct 2 including gles.js inside on V8 engine and a small piece of C++ to compile APK. Besides, a lot of HTML5 developers are really excepting that, because some old devices with android 4.0, firefox and chrome blacklist GPU so they can't run in browsers until compiled APK. I've tested your first game on my shitty generic tablet with android 4.0, it runs 60 fps, so awesome.
  6. @Boris van Schooten But you didn't tell what's wrapper you have used to compile APK from your Nyah cat vs Flappy bird game... Isn't phonegap or cocoonJS?
  7. Winning GOLD for free in return they should promote our games via facebook and twitter, keeping play to earn small amount of GOLD, Daily challenge per day to get GOLD, Rate app for GOLD, etc.
  8. Ads-based games would look ugly. I'd love that we can use this business model like the arcade machines.
  9. Yes, I've seen these HTML5 games before, I don't think they could beat flash games with quality.
  10. This is a problem, the real reason of game development is earning money, doesn't matter if you do it for hobby or business, I'm pretty sure you do both. If we do games for free without IAP or ads, no one gives us money to eat food or drink.
  11. Too bad, it's only for Apple products and it's not related to HTML5
  12. I have a game it would look like "High quality" it doesn't mean it's simple game or game with shitty graphics. It looks like japanese classic beat' em up game I will contact Spilgames when my game is done.
  13. and iPhone 4 doesn't get iOS 8 anymore. Not all good news are real good news.
  14. I've sent an email to Julia and I got no answer 3 days ago, so what happened to Gamefilled?
  15. Is this framework is designed to render vector graphics?
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