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  1. BTW, I was able to figure out the issue regarding FPS drop. My phone is set to low power mode a lot of the times. Removing it from low power mode took the FPS back up to 60fps.
  2. I think this is a serious issue. I’ve checked on a few other iPhones with iOS 11 and it’s capped at 33fps. This makes many phaser browser games unplayable.
  3. It's stuck at 33fps for both canvas and WEBGL. It's like the javsascript performance for iOS 11 is a lot worse than what it used to be like in earlier versions.
  4. @samme, it is fine on my desktop Safari and on Android chrome. It seems to be iOS Safari now has terrible performance for Canvas.
  5. Another attempt with pixi test on mobile Safari, stuck at 33fps.
  6. I have tried on a separate iPhone with iOS 11 and it’s the same issue, even the games (Tanks etc) have very bad performance on iOS. I am surprised no one has noticed this.
  7. Ever since I updated to iOS 11, I’ve noticed phaser games now seem to be stuck on 33fps on my iPhone 7. I wondered if it was just the games I made then I tested the bunny mark link below and it was the same. Has anyone experienced this?
  8. There are hawkers in level 1,3 and 4 on the road sides. Thanks for all the feedback 😊
  9. Thanks @Umz, I did all the voice acting for the male voices and my wife did the female ones. The first level is deliberately fast, a way for it to take more time for players as I plan to add more levels at the end of the year or early January. The funny thing is that my cousins just under 13 seem to have finished the first 3 levels in one playthrough 😯.
  10. I have also added 2 photos, the 2.4.3 version is perfect but the 2.6.2 version looks jagged and pixelated. I really need the help of anyone 😔
  11. Currently with later Phaser versions, my game runs steadily with full 60fps, this bitmaptext problem is the only issue that I have now. The only other option I have is to create bitmap fonts with the exact sizes that I use in-game but I hope there's another way to fix this.
  12. My last game was created with phaser 2.4 and I used bitmaptext, which worked well but the game itself had performance issues. Since updating to phaser version > 2.6, my bitmaptexts now look pixelated, especially when used at smaller font sizes and scaled down. Had anyone experienced this? How can it be fixed?
  13. I'm having this issue right now, with bitmaptext looking very pixellated
  14. @bruno_ I've never thought about this, how would it work? Obviously the ads would only be visible before and after gameplay? How much on average could I make with ads?
  15. After years of focusing on my full time job, I was finally able to complete my first game with an ex-colleague designer / friend of mine. The game is called Mr Okada and it is based in Lagos, Nigeria where I grew up for the first 20 years of my life. The game was created with phaser and packaged with cocoon. It is basically a simple swipe up and down game to pick up items/passengers and avoid other vehicles, with a bit of a background story of the main character.