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  1. As far as I remember, ThreeJS cannot use shadow mapping with point lights, only with directional and spot lights
  2. Hello everyone, this is the second game that i post in this page, and is my first complete html5 game, i did it for the trials of oryx 2013, i developed it in about a month and was done using javascript from the scratch. The game is Tull, a very simple rpg with some roguelikes elements like the permadeath and randomnes, there is also food consumption and the weapons, armours, magic and food can be only bought in the town, there is also a hotel in the town so you can regenerate your health. There is only one Dungeon but it has 20 levels, each one more difficult than the previous, there a
  3. jucarave

    Sprite Font

    , that sounds actually pretty interesting... that would really help me although since i don't have so much time to deliver this game (it's for a contest) i think i will use the regular fillText function Greetings.
  4. jucarave

    Sprite Font

    Hello everyone, it's been a while... I am making a game and i need to implement a font from a spritesheet, i've been thinking of parsing the word and then drawing each part of the sprite but i need to know if there is a better way to achieve it. I am not using any framework. Greetings.
  5. jucarave

    WebGL HUD

    Hello, I am using glmatrix for all the matrix operations, i am writing the rest of the engine (mostly because of learning purposes), i tried to render an orthogonal projection over the perspective one, but it didn't work (although i think that i can make it work now), what i did was to render a 3d plane in front of the camera (which apparently it worked, except of course because of the scale), i am going to return to this project later, now i have moved to a 2D webgl project to try on all this things specially the text render issue. Greetings.
  6. jucarave

    WebGL HUD

    Well that actually worked (haven't tried the text one yet) not the way i would like but it works... Thanks for your help.
  7. jucarave

    WebGL HUD

    Hello everyone, I been messing with webgl for a while now and i am trying to make a game, but i don't know how to implement a HUD on my game without putting another canvas or a CSS trick, Is there a way to make in a single canvas? Thanks
  8. I was a programmer in Game maker and i was moving to more powerful technologies, so i was learning c++ when HTML5 started to sound as a good new oportunity for the web gaming (since i don't like flash) so i decided to give it a chance and after a couple of days of learning Javascript i started making games. Until recently i have made games for the company i work, but now i want to go for my own.
  9. Improving my engine for supporting new effects.

  10. Thanks for playing it, you can't attack in this demo but the next one will have it among some improvements i am doing on the engine To be honest, i don't even know why i didn't put it for this demo, i will put it shortly. Greetings.
  11. It looks good, I tried it on Chrome 26 but the game crashes in the very first level.
  12. Finished my first alpha, waiting for feedback.

  13. I just finished the first alpha of the game, please test it and give any feedback. http://jucarave.dx.am/BansheeAlpha/ [Controls] W or Up : move straightS or Down: move backA: Strafe leftD: Strafe rightQ: rotate leftE: rotate rightSpaceBar: interact with object Use the mouse for interact with items and the interface Thanks
  14. Raycasting engine: Done; Mapeditor: Done; Just need to do some design and it will be ready to go.

  15. In the company i work, we received an Ouya recently.... it's a good console, the problems are the games, all the games are kind of shareware, but the demos are too short (some games only allow you to play only once per day). The HTML5 browser looks good, i haven't try it so much but my game (Banshee a 3D raycasting game) runs almost near to smooth (i think is playable at least). I haven't try the controls on the canvas either (the left stick are arrows key) It could have a good future but depends a lot of the developers, it could be a good profitable console for indies developers.
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