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  1. Hello, I would like to present you my Horror Game project using Raycasting technology. I've already built HTML 5 games using raycasting. This time the engine I'm working on has been improved to support indoor and outdoor environment. It's in early stage, it's not a game yet, but you may watch a video and even play the demo (using your Chrome/Chromium or Firefox browser). The video is here : Don't look at the video if you're planning to test the demo. There is no goal but, try to find ghosts, paintings and secrets. The demo can be played here : http://www.laboralphy.org/raycaster/
  2. Hello, Let me present you my game. This is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter set in a fantasy context. It runs only in Firefox and Chrome/Chromium browsers or any browser that fully supports HTML 5, pointerlock and websockets. So don't try with Internet Explorer. The game uses raycasting technics and looks like wolfenstein 3D or Heretic. The server program is written in Node.js and the client is written in javascript. No framework but mine is used. The game is located here : http://www.laboralphy.org/blightmagic/ You play a wizard with the ability to shoot magic missiles and read v
  3. Hi ! Here is a new gameplay video from my game : The underwater halls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlCACPUnwGY It's an underwater level, there are piranhas and jellyfishes. The player must also find breathable spot to prevent from drowning.
  4. There is a new video available here : This video shows some of the spells you can cast in the game. Some spells are well known to dungeon & dragon player like "Knock", "Light" and "Time stop". And the "Time stop" effect is a tribute to Baldur's gate 2.
  5. Version 0.5 Lots of new things. Easier weapon switching : You don't have to open the inventory screen anymore : just roll the mousewheel to switch for any weapon you have in inventory. You can harmlessly switch to dagger to attack walking foes and save magic points, then switch to a wand to kill those wasps and other fast moving targets. New feature - Shopping machines : Shopping machines can now be found somewhere in the dungeon. These machines sells weapons, potions and jewelry among other things. You need to collect gold pieces. The game still need balancing and testing. I'm co
  6. Version 0.4 I have added a cutscene system. And designed intro and ending cutscene. The story has changed a bit.
  7. Bug fixes and improvements. v 0.3.1 - Bug fix : Sometimes, when a player stepped on the doorway, the door would close behind the player, and the player would become stuck. This has been fixed. - Animated torchlight added. - Speed optimization, slight gain, this optimization is noticeable on firefox rather than on chrome. - Bug fix : When the player "charged" the dagger, on firefox, the game would freeze : this has been fixed. - Added some crafting recipes. - Chests located inside locked rooms (with gray keys) contain better loot now. - Added alchemy book to learn n
  8. Version 0.3.0 http://www.laboralphy.org/raycaster/ <--- Click here and select "REIKASTER" module. The main improvement of this version is the support of Pointer Lock. Now you can play the game with [keyboard WASD + mouse] like a modern FPS. Only Firefox and Chrome/Chromium supports this features. If you play on Opera you will have to use the "keyboard-only" controls (click on "How to play" on the main menu to check if your browser surpports Pointer Lock, and have a quick view of the hot keys). The user interface (inventory window...) now always uses mouse. Each window has a comma
  9. Nice and addictive game. Graphics are good. I found the gameplay intuitive, I played 6 levels in a row. It reminds me "The incredible machine".
  10. I just post a new version on the server. version 0.0.1 - Correction : The game has now pixelated textures and graphics. I turned off this ugly image scaling interpolation. It looks more like an old 90's game now. version 0.1.0 - Added Item description system : in the inventory window press SPACE to display the selected item properties. This still is a stub of a window but it was a rather important functionnality. - Useful feature : When the navigator loose focus the game is paused and the sound is turned off. When the navigator get the focus back, sound is turned on again and the gam
  11. Hi everybody ! I'm a french developper so my english is far from being perfect. This post is about a game i'm currently developping. Description This Game is a FPS and a Dungeon Crawler : You are an adventurer, you decided to explore a dungeon in order to retreive an Ancien Tome of Power. The dungeon is full of hostiles creatures, so you'll have to defend yourself. During your exploration you may find items inside treasure chests (potions, rings, necklace, food...). Playable demo The game is still Work in Progress but there is a playable demo. (Please use Chrome, Chromium or Firefox o
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