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  1. I think it has something to do with context, but some one with better experience can tell better.
  2. inyourpc

    Google GameSnacks

    @blackmoondev I am having trouble adding there sound api. Can you tell which code you used for muting and unmuting sounds,
  3. inyourpc

    Google GameSnacks

    Do they pay for each game licensed on there wbesite ? Or is it revenue share ?
  4. I need some one reputable to upload my games on facebook instant game platform too on sharing bassis. Please pm me your sharing percentage. Basically I will upload some of my games on your facebook, and you can keep some money percentage like 20-30 % e.g and I keep the rest as I am sole developer of the game. But since I dont have the accoutn approved as they dont approve these days you get to keep some of money earned through my games. Additionally if i can learn some thing from your experience that would be pretty great for me. Thanks Looking forward to make great team with you,
  5. Little difficulty with controls. Other then that nice game.
  6. Bumping this thread, did any one had success putting applixir ads in there html5 games ?
  7. For a website built in wix.com, thats some serious click bait you give!
  8. Thanks for the link, And how do you inject java script call for showing ads, resuming ads from unity etc?
  9. Might be problem, but its acquired for more gameplays.
  10. Nice Job. How did you manage to put ads on it. Thanks
  11. Is it hosted on Redis (for database ) have you used socket.io library for handling multiplayer ? And Which hosting have you been using and which package (aws ? )
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