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  1. I need some one reputable to upload my games on facebook instant game platform too on sharing bassis. Please pm me your sharing percentage. Basically I will upload some of my games on your facebook, and you can keep some money percentage like 20-30 % e.g and I keep the rest as I am sole developer of the game. But since I dont have the accoutn approved as they dont approve these days you get to keep some of money earned through my games. Additionally if i can learn some thing from your experience that would be pretty great for me. Thanks Looking forward to make great team with you,
  2. Little difficulty with controls. Other then that nice game.
  3. Bumping this thread, did any one had success putting applixir ads in there html5 games ?
  4. For a website built in, thats some serious click bait you give!
  5. Thanks for the link, And how do you inject java script call for showing ads, resuming ads from unity etc?
  6. Might be problem, but its acquired for more gameplays.
  7. Nice Job. How did you manage to put ads on it. Thanks
  8. inyourpc

    Is it hosted on Redis (for database ) have you used library for handling multiplayer ? And Which hosting have you been using and which package (aws ? )
  9. Bumping this thread. Also if you have flash files, how would you approaching converting to html5 media.
  10. I am from Pakistan/Asia. Can i put games on fb instant games too, I have heard there business verification is impossible for some countries ? Need your thoughts.
  11. Hi, I am interested. I have 6 years of game development experience for the mobile web platform. Sent you a pm too. Best Regards, M Yawer
  12. @zoki_y8 Apology for the late message. Just sent you a PM. Please review and get back to me. Thanks.
  13. Can I get working code for working pre-roll ad?
  14. Hi, For flash to html5 conversions, how would you approach? Thanks, M Yawer
  15. Hi Zoki, Nice to meet you. (Your twitter links need to be fixed). Definitely looking for a partnership! We Have multiple WebGL games and some html5 games too, Few questions, How much can a single WebGL game like motoloco make with y8. (Business Model that you offer). What was build size of motoloco and slope game each ? Gimme your skype or add me 'lazygeeker'. Best Regards,
  16. Well done nice games. So basically you made these games in html5 and then ported to google app store, via Cordova. Is it a better option then CocoonJS, Cordova, or PhoneGap. Let me know what you think. Also about google AdMob integration with these html5 games, how you managed to do it. And once again nice games perfectly on point.
  17. Yup, that's right. At the point unity WebGL performance and it's export size is a major question, but yes it helps in making content-games faster. Also, the monetization option with unity WebGL games is a big question. Would like to know your take on that?
  18. Hi, Is there a way we can put unity WebGL html5 ads from Google Adsense (IMA, AFG) for Unity games. Or if that's not possible which company would be the top choice for Unity Webgl export (Monetizations). Looking for guidelines. Thanks, M Yawer