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  1. For your first project, I would recommend using plain javascript and plain canvas. Using intermediate languages and complex libraries may be tricky to set up and may turn you off. (What I really liked with javascript is that you needed nothing more than a text editor and a browser to start.) Learning HTML/CSS is also a great idea. You can use HTML/CSS without javascript, but you can't really use javascript without a base of HTML. Also I'd like to note that HaXe isn't a good choice to make html5 games. Flash games - yes; Html5 games - no.
  2. I have just saw a friend who was using Kate on KDE Mint. Superficially, it seems to have similar features to sublime text, but don't take my word, since I have not used neither of them for long enough. And contrarily to Sublime Text, Kate is free.
  3. Actually the image is not static. I am making a painting program. When a person connects, I need to send him the picture at the current state. Then I will continue by sending him messages when changes happen. Currently what I have working is that the client requests the image through http, but I have a problem. I wish to keep the site server and the painting servers as seperate programs, so that in the future I could have more than one painting. Currently I'm experimenting with one. What I had first: Site url: http : // localhost:8000 Websocket url: ws : // localhost:9000 Url of image: "http
  4. Thanks for the resources. I've got something going. Some more or less specific questions: If for some reason I need a png to be transmitted to the players once they join my game (players can join anytime) what is better, to pipe it through WS, or to have the client fetch it though http? If each player has an avatar image, how should I transmit them? Would using node.js for the game backend of the multiplayer part, but some other language (like php or python) for the rest of my web server be a good Idea? How do I run this all on my computer, and how would I make sure it would run in any
  5. I've just started with phaser, and I'm wondering how I should center the canvas on the screen. I see that phaser can manage scaling, so I wonder if it could do the centering, or if I should mess with CSS myself, and how exactly.
  6. That support guy made it sound like a conspiracy theory.
  7. Hello. I have noticed that many examples of Phaser have their code wrapped in a "self invoking function" ( (function(){/*code*/})() ) which encloses the variables in a function scope. I'm not sure how people feel about this, but if you remove the wrapper, it would be possible to hack around with the examples from the javascript console, which is much more fun than having to change the code and refresh the page. (especially that there is currently little documentation, and the javascript consoles have code completion). Just a proposition...
  8. I know nothing about anything, but if you have a game engine going, why would you want to integrate a different platform for game states?
  9. Can't you do that with layers? (as in Photoshop or Gimp)
  10. Will you have an online documentation?
  11. Whe I get back to main menu, the music overlaps itself. Also, there seems to be a problem with the preloader.
  12. Instead of using actual pixel perfect collision, you might choose a few significant points on your spaceship, and check only at these points. If you use a webGL shader, this will not work for people who don't have webGL such as myself.
  13. If you put analytics, the thief would see that there are requests going out to your analytics server.
  14. @onedayitwillmake Multiplayer physics in the browser, using nodejs as a backend??? Omg, that's so awesome. It might be a little too much for me right now. What I would like to know more about is how you make multiple multiplayer games, once you have a single one working.
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