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  1. @CianGames , Excellent resource for the community. Would be great to see HTML5 console there! http://www.html5console.com
  2. There are many opportunities out there, specially in contract work. Last year i was able to pass the 6 figure salary mark working solely in contract and commissioned projects. Licensing on the other hand is a bit more challenging as there are fewer monetizing options and as licensing fees are lowered due to growing competition. Even though the market is maturing, many companies and start-ups are still trying to find new ways to monetize html5 games other than shared ad-revenue models. My recommendation is to hone your coding skills, adapt to the ever changing html5 landscape and more impor
  3. Wanted to ask if you can provide your direct contact information, just PM through the forum... Thanks.
  4. @Kaisergames Great initiative and welcome to this great community, i have sent you a PM. Cheers.
  5. Hi Kyle, Sent you a PM, with recent game links from our catalog...
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