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  1. Hello Devs, I finally launched my first html5 mobile game for android Honeycombs is a classical match-3 game with a hexagonal field. Make as many points as possible in a given time. You can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.kuboid.honeycombs and this is how it looks like: I created it using plain Javascript and Pixi.js wrapped into a cocoon.js app. Cocoon.js is a cloud compiler that gives your game a huge performance boost and supports plugins like Ads and Google Play Highscores. You can read more about it here: https://cocoo
  2. Hi, you can create an alphamap which fits to your jpg. The alphamap is a 8-bit-png which only contains black / transparency. Size of both files still is smaller than a "normal" png but you have 1 more request. Asking google for 10 seconds gave me this result: http://kaioa.com/node/104 I think you also could load your jpg file into a canvas, go through each pixel, ask for a specific colorvalue and make it transparent if you want to... best
  3. A sprite can only be a child of one other container. If you dont know where you added your sprite, you can remove it that way: sprite.parent.removeChild(sprite). But I think its better you know the parent and call removeChild from there. Hope it helps
  4. It really looks awesome. Looking forward to see your progress with your engine Keep it up!
  5. Hello guys, Im not sure if it is a pixi-bug or my own code but maybe you can evaluate this better than me I created a MovieClip with an onComplete callback to remove itself. Works fine, but as soon as there are more MovieClips, pixi throws an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'updateTransform' of undefined pixi.js:3126 PIXI.Stage.updateTransform pixi.js:3126 PIXI.WebGLRenderer.render pixi.js:4460 animate (index):24 Looks like that the MovieClip is removed and pixi still wants to call updateTransform. The easy way is to put tons of if(indexOf(mc) != -1)'s to the compiled pi
  6. I tried it out but I think I didnt find the most performant way http://kuboid.net/tests/particle/ If you want to have a look: http://kuboid.net/tests/particle/src.zip Edit: I think you sure can use drawCircle. In my solution I was lazy and just used PNGs but it shouldnt be a problem for you to replace it.
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    Hello there, I searched the net for a class to easily tween a PIXI.Sprite but didnt find - So I wrote something for this case. Example: http://kuboid.net/games/tween/ Download: http://kuboid.net/games/tween/tween.zip Usage: // Create a Tween to make your Sprite move to position.x = 100 within 60 frames, starting instantlyvar tween = new Tween(sprite, "position.x", 100, 60, true);// Optional add bouncing, easing..tween.easing = Tween.outElastic;// Optional add a callbacktween.setOnComplete(alert, "done"); You also can also create a queue for multiple Tweens: // Difference in
  8. Hello there, just "found" this Forum and saw all those great games you made. So, I also want to show what I made To make this happen I used pixi.js and some lines of jQuery Link: http://www.pixijs.com/ My game is called "DroneControl" and is a fangame based on the MMO EVE-Online. Gameplay: The goal of the game is to survive some time or defeat a boss in some levels. You take control of 5 drones which are following your cursor. You can slide horizontally by hitting the border of the game. The drones will automatically attack every enemy in range. (other drones, spaceships and asteroids
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