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  1. After having little to no time to work on games I finally got this small endless runner done. Dodge blocks and increase your multiplier using the glowy yellow things. Play: Screenshot(Warning 1500x700): I'd like feedback mostly on the gameplay and I know the music is terrible and I plan to fix that very soon.
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    I freaking love the shader effects but the gameplay is just way too simple to keep me playing.
  3. Psychho

    Merging with Three.JS

    Well what problems are you having? All you said in your post was that you are trying to merge two objects together.
  4. Psychho

    Merging with Three.JS

    Use the THREE.GeometryUtils.merge function, also simply searching 'threejs merge' on google gives this tutorial on merging Did you even try searching before posting here?
  5. How to launch a body towards the mouse cursor var bodyVelocity = body.GetLinearVelocity();//grab the bodys velocityvar launchDirection = body.GetPosition();//grab the bodys position to calculate launch directionlaunchDirection.Subtract(mousePositionWorld.x,mousePositionWorld.y);//subtract the mouse position in box2d space from body position to get the launch direction vectorlaunchDirection.Normalize();//normalize the launch direction so its consistent no matter how far the mouse is from the bodybodyVelocity.SetV(launchDirection);//set the bodys velocity to the launch direction
  6. First of all in the example its simulating 2 seconds every 1 second. function update() { world.Step(1/30, 10, 10);//Simulate the world for 1/30th of a second console.log(body.GetPosition());}setInterval(update, 1000/60);//Call update every 1/60th of a secondIf you look you are simulating the world for twice as long as you should, but fixing this wont fix you're problem. Here's a fix using delta time to simulate at a fixed rate: function update() { nextTime =; deltaTime = (nextTime-lastTime)/1000; lastTime = nextTime; world.Step(deltaTime, 10, 10); console.log(body.GetPosition()); setTimeout(update,0);}var lastTime,nextTime,deltaTime;lastTime =;update();This will fix most of your problem, but you will still need to add in some sort of latency compensation if you want the simulations to start at the same time.
  7. What do you mean by 'simulation on node.js runs longer'? Are you only simulating for a certain amount of time or what are you trying to achieve?
  8. Browser games won't beat native games until they are able to match the speed of native games.
  9. You have to have been a part of there private beta or get invited.
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    Performance problems

    Are you using delta timing to keep physics consistent with frame-rate?
  11. Socket.IO only takes up tons of bandwidth if you send JSON objects, you can always just use msg to send a string.
  12. Set linear damping in your pool balls bodyDef. Change to this var ballBody = new b2BodyDef;ballBody.type = b2Body.b2_dynamicBody;ballBody.linearDamping = 0.3;Also if you want you can also set angularDamping to make the balls stop spinning.
  13. I always resize the canvas while keeping the aspect ratio and maybe switch to higher resolution sprites depending on the users screen size. Here's the function I use for resizing something while keeping the original ratio, ResizeWithRatio = function(originalW,originalH,newW,newH) { var fW,fH,ss; ss = newH/originalH; fH = newH; fW = originalW*ss; if (fW > newW) { ss = newW/originalW; fH = originalH*ss; fW = newW; } return { width: fW, height: fH };}originalW and originalH = The base resolution newW and newH = The new resolution to scale up to
  14. Works fine for me, great to see a 3D online game using HTML5 besides Runescape. And why would that be Dreta?
  15. You can place regular DOM elements over your game or just place a 2D canvas over your game and render your menu on that?
  16. Nope didn't make a difference, also uploaded a video above of the jittering. Just tried the code below as-well and it didn't make a difference function Update() { setTimeout(Physics,0); Render(); requestAnimationFrame(Update);}EDIT: Found a fix, put physics and rendering in two seperate requestAnimationFrame calls lol
  17. Gotta always run the physics simulation before/after rendering but instead its running them asynchronously creating a really bad shaking effect on moving objects. Also I tried using a while loop close to what you described that breaks every 10 updates to call a requestAnimationFrame(so the tab doesn't freeze) it just caused random extreme lag and even worse shaking/jittering . Jittering/shaking is normally not a problem except for when the browser keeps rendering at 30fps and is running physics at around 4fps -__-. No clue how this is happening when my code is just function Update() { Physics(); Render(); requestAnimationFrame(Update);}Video of the jittering aswell, just cause
  18. requestAnimationFrame, setTimeout and setInterval all run the function you give them asynchronously, does anyone know of a simple workaround/alternative? I cant be the only one who ran into problems with this.
  19. Iv got no problems whatsoever even with GPU page composition enabled, games run at the same speed they always have too.
  20. Awesome game you should add some leaderboards though since theres not much to do.
  21. Wreaking Independence is a small survival shooter I made for this weeks FiMaRu game jam with the theme independence. Its not completely done but mostly, I just need to add music/sounds, touch controls and hopefully another gun. Kill robots using guns, collect scrap metal, build a better gun or more ammo. Play: Screenshots(*Warning big*): Any feedback at all is appreciated!
  22. Rolling while Rolling is what happens when I get really bored with no real ideas and I want to try and make something pretty and addictive, I honestly don't have any other description then that . Enjoy~! PLAY: Please give any feedback whatsoever! Made with Three.js(for webgl rendering) and Metrix.js(for entity systems, collisions and game stuff)
  23. Voxlap (c++ voxel engine) source code Is this close to what your looking for?